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Lava Washed Glass and Mirror

The satisfaction you get when you finish something creative that you can use for the future can not be compared with anything. People who are good artists and craftsmen are very lucky people because they never leave anything unused. The company is a monopolist manufacturer, founded in 1997 and representing in Ukraine – serial and author’s production of mirrors and interior items. It is us that the Ukrainian and European elite trusts the creation of exclusive projects.

Lava Washed Mirror

The mission of KINGDOM GLASS & MIRRORS is to bring beauty and exclusiveness to the world. Life is generous to those people who surround themselves with rich interiors and have good taste. The monopolist manufacturer KINGDOM GLASS & MIRRORS was created to help emphasize your taste and create a unique interior.

Products which we manufacture ourselves from the highest quality coatings and materials: Engraving of mirrors and glass. Gold mirrors. One-sided mirror Spy. Antique mirrors. Triplex. Gilding of mirrors and glass. Stained-glass windows made using the unique FROST technology will impress even the most demanding gourmets.

We’ve come up with creative ideas for you to inspire you, and you may also be creative and make your masterpiece. You can use them as a decorative object and assign a new function to them, just let your imagination to run wild.

Being KINGDOM GLASS & MIRRORS means working for a result and worthily presenting your exclusive works in Ukraine and Europe.

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