Latest Outdoor Seating Furniture With Outdoor Benches Collection

Hello Folks,….. Latest Outdoor Seating Furniture With Outdoor Benches design is part of our daily life. When we came in touch with outdoor furniture, like garden chairs, street furniture, patio chairs, wooden garden furniture, etc. But when we fill comfortable with those piece of outdoor seating furniture, our body and mind feel relaxing.

Designers of those outdoor seating furniture, really put their sole in their furniture designs. To feel more comfy, lavish, adjustable and make them available for all around it. Outdoor furniture design ideas are really inspiring many of us. Ideas for outdoor seating can enhance the character of a commercial plaza, a municipal complex, or an outdoor hospitality area.

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Creative Outdoor Seating Ideas


SIXINCH-Orangebeast- outdoor plastic furniture (Courtesy SIXINCH)

This exuberant lounge sofa is made of recyclable, CNC-cut foam. It’s coated with a substance that’s flexible as well as weather, water, and UV resistant. This outdoor seating measuring more than 13 feet long, it can seat a crowd in comfort. Designed by Pieter Jamart.

By Magis

MAGIS-folly-bench-ron-arad-magis-outdoor seating ideas (Courtesy Magis Design)

This Outdoor Seating Furniture is fabricated in rotational-molded polyethylene(plastic), this loopy geometric bench design with a matte finish. Designed by Ron Arad.

By Landscape Forms

LANDSCAPE-FORMS_35Collection_garden furniture (Courtesy Landscape Forms)

Part of the outdoor metal benches collection, this curvaceous cantilevered bench comes in backless and backed models. This outdoor seating bench design discouraging  skateboard. Metal outdoor benches seat dividers are optional.Cantilevered metal garden bench offered Surface or Embedded Installations. Outdoor sitting bench avail in 22 standard colors, Also, custom finishes available. Designed by frog.

By Hay

HAY_palissade_0011_bourellec-street furniture (Courtesy Hay)

The slatted designed of this garden or street bench prevents water and debris from collecting on the seat. Part of a 13 modern bench piece, collection of tables and seating, the powder coated steel pieces, This outdoor seating design are offered in three colors. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

By Benkert Bänke

BENKERT-BANKE-Comfony-outdoor furniture (Courtesy Benkert Bänke)

This outdoor seating furniture is contoured stainless steel frame, with sinuous look. Bench is fitted with aluminum slats to create a minimalist lounger. Outdoor furniture Components are offered in a limited palette of colors and finishes.

By Atelier Vierkant

ATELIER-VIERKANT-k-series-boulders-outdoor seating furniture (Courtesy Atelier Vierkant)

This outdoor seating furniture of ceramic boulders, ready to set in a hardscape or landscape. these ceramic boulders provide visual interest with subtle or striking, depending on the context, as well as seating. Custom outer finishes or engraving is offered in this outside furniture ideas. This benches furniture is avail in rounded and elongated profiles and several color options.

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