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Top reclining leather sofas to choose from

Sofas are an essential piece of our living room and our home alike and if you’re looking for a new sofa set, consider a reclining leather sofa. Reclining sofas don’t just offer comfort and style, but they are also available in a variety of features that can enhance your overall lounging experience. Moreover, the supple leather upholstery makes the space look luxurious and fancy. 

Here are some top reclining leather sofas to look for while choosing one for your home:

Manual Recliners 

Manual reclining sofas come with easy-to-pull tabs that help you easily extend the footrest. Such recliners offer ease of usage to all generations. Durian offers a wide range of manual recliners to choose from, that offer ultimate comfort without compromising on aesthetics.

Power Recliners

Power reclining is a convenient feature that activates the reclining feature with just a touch of a button. It offers you to recline your sofa to your desired position, making it easy to find the perfect angle for watching TV, reading a book or just relaxing.

Zero Wall Recliners

Due to generous proportions and adjustable headrests and retractable footrests, recliners consume more space than traditional sofas. However, zero-wall reclining sofas allow you to place it only inches away from the wall and still recline as it runs on a forward gliding mechanism. 

Power Lift Recliner

The motorized lift-up mechanism is a very beneficial feature for people with mobility issues and pregnant women. It pushes up the entire chair to help the occupant stand up easily.

Recliner with in-built electric massager

Recliners with an in-built electric massager are an added functionality that enhances the relaxing experience even further. Operated by remote control, it is ideal for unwinding after a long day. 

Recliners with Rockers

Recliners packed with rockers have a rocking mechanism at the base which not only helps you recline but rocks you at the same time. It helps you relax and lounge after a tiring day. 

Recliner with Storage Console

Recliners with a storage console and cup holders keep your snacks and drinks handy. This feature makes it the ideal entertainment companion for your movie nights.

A reclining leather sofa is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their lounging experience. Packed with smart features, reclining sofas are indeed lasting luxury designed for modern lifestyle.

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