Google AdSense Revenue Increase and Optimization of Adwords Training

Google AdSense Revenue Increase: Many of us know about Google Adsense, Adsense Revenue, Google Adwords, Blog Monetize, Etc. But here i have a questions on that Is that easy for all bloggers to earn enough or monetize their blog with Google adsense revenue ? If you think to become a pro-blogger and make your livings out of your blog, You have to optimize your blog for adsense revenue generated online place.

Google Adsense Revenue Increase and Optimization is an art in my point of view, Because it is not as simple as what we read on any body’s blog or niche. This is not a discouraging intention. I would like to aware you to face any situations in future.

As i said above Adsense Revenue Optimization and increase your income with monetization of you blog is really an art work. Many bloggers write in this matter many times.

Adsense offers many ways like section targeting, remove low paying ad group, ad blacklist and many other features which can be used by any adsense blogger to give a significant boost to their Adsense income.

Make Google AdSense Revenue-Earnings in Millions

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Let’s create a blog and make them really monetize with generating of adsense revenue, But here creare your thoughts about backe ground of monetization.

  • What is Blog Monetization ?

When blogger start their journey as a pro-blogger and make thier livable out or their blog with providing a space for adword, chitika, etc,.. online ads. Those online ads provider company give them some sort of commission or share out of thier revenues. Some may start affiliate marketing or different products, writing reviews or their experties, etc.

In sort make money online with your blog is simplest term of Blog Monetization and Adsense is the best place to make money with optimization of Adword Training.Many bloggers want to find ways to generate an income from their blogs.

So, Friends you get the blog monetization right?

Now we go over Google Adsense Revenue earnings, and how to increase adsense revenue income with adword training. Ahead in this post i surmised some points that will help you to make good amount of money out of adsense.

  • Best Tips For Increase AdSense Revenue

1. Choosing The Right Niche for your adsense revenue :

  • Not every niche generates equal adsense revenue.
  • You need to research a lot while choosing the niche for your website to generate the greatest money.
  • If you are planning to run a blog in education/jobs niche, then you are expected to get a very high Cost Per Click (CPC) and generate a very high adsense revenue.

2. Keyword Research :

  • You must do a thorough keyword research for every page on your website.
  • You should always try to write on keywords that have high CPC.
  • The CPC for any keyword can be found out using any free tool like Keyword Planner from Google or using any paid tool like Semrush. 

3. Use 3 Ads On A Webpage :

  • AdSense allows a most of 3 AdSense ad units on a webpage. If you place less than 3 ads, you are not harnessing the complete potential of AdSense.
  • If you are a premium AdSense Publisher, then you can place more than 3 ads too.

4. Minimum Length Of Content :

  • There is no set length of content, but make sure to have enough content to place 3 AdSense units on your webpage. Moreover,
  • the more content you have on your page, the more will be the keyword density, and
  • AdSense will display more relevant ads which will increase the CTR and hence the adsense revenue.

5. Allow And Block AdSense Ad Categories :

  • AdSense allows you to block ads that are classified according to the type of ads.
  • You can block a most of 50 ad categories.
  • To make blocking process easy, AdSense shows you the percentage of impressions and the percentage of earnings for each category.
  • You can then block all the categories that have high impressions and low adsense revenue.
Allow-And-Block-AdSense-kadvacorp, adsense revenue,


  • To allow and block AdSense ad categories, first go to your AdSense dashboard and then navigate to Allow and block ads tab.
  • No go to the General categories and block the categories which are giving low returns even with high impressions.

6. Use Bigger Ad Units To Maximize AdSense Revenue :

  • Almost every AdSense publisher will agree that bigger ad units do better.
  • They have higher Click Through Rate and a better Cost Per Click.
  • You should use 728×90 ad units in place of 468×60 and 336×280 ad units in place of 300*250 ad unit to increase AdSense revenue.
  • The 728×90 and the 336×280 ad units are considered to be the highest paying ad units and I would recommend using them wherever you can.

7. Get More Traffic From UK And US :

  • Advertisers in countries like UK, US and Australia offer heavy CPC for every click on their ad.
  • If you can generate traffic from these countries to your website, then you can generate huge revenue from your website.
  • How To Find Out The Countries With High CPC For Your Niche
CPC-Countries-google-AdSense-kadva corp, adsense revenue,

CPC-Countries-google-AdSense-kadva corp

  • The Countries with high CPC depend on the niche of your blog.
  • To find out the highest CPC paying countries, open your AdSense dashboard and navigate to the “Performance Reports” tab.
  • Now select “Countries” from the left pane. AdSense will list all the countries from where your website was visited and AdSense ads were displayed.
  • Now you can see the CPC you got from clicks from different countries and arrange them in descending order to see the highest paying countries.

8. Use Text And Image Ads :

  • AdSense has two types of ads: text ads and display (image) ads.
  • Text ads usually have a higher CPC but lower CTR.
  • Display ads on the other hand have high CTR but slightly lower CPC.
  • To make sure you generate largest revenue, you should choose both ‘Text and Display Ads’ in the ‘Ad Type’ when creating new ad units.
  • This will allow AdSense to display the ad type which is most likely to receive the click and is offering high CPC.

9. Use AdSense’s New Responsive Ad Units :

  • Recently, AdSense introduced a type of ad unit that automatically displays the ad that will fit best in the available space.
  • This is done by calculating the width of the parent element and then displaying the ad with the largest width that can fit into that space.
  • Benefits of Using AdSense’s Responsive Ad Unit
  • This ad unit will always display the biggest ad that can be placed in the available area.
  • This will increase the Click Through Rate and bigger ads usually have high CPC.
  • If you have a responsive layout, your blog will look good when viewed from any device, this is because this ad unit is responsive itself.

10. Place Atleast One Ad Above The Fold :

  • Above the fold is the area that is visible to the user without scrolling.
  • Ads in this area are known to receive the highest clicks and hence generate more adsense revenue.
  • Placing at least one ad in this area can give a great boost to your adsense revenue.
  • So, friends this is all about  Best Tips Forever Increase AdSense Revenue,

11. Write Quality Contents

  • Suppose a site having lots of posts and many visitors but they are getting lowest CPC rates for their AdSense Ads in compare to other site which have not so much visitors and webpages.
  • The reason behind lowest CPC is that the first site is doing copy paste contents from other blog/site rather their own original/creative contents.
  • Actually, when you are posting your article or contents online they are crawled by search engine like Google, Bing/Yahoo and Ask etc. And later on someone has just copy the contents from the original source without giving a credit to them.
  • Accordingly, most of search engines does not either prefer to index their contents or it may be regarded as low quality contents. And as an advertiser why should you bid for the duplicate contents and it causes lowest CPC rates for the AdSense publishers. Hence, try to give your best for writing original and quality contents for your blog/site so that advertisers bids for getting an Ad slot on your webpage by paying highest CPC rates.

12. Use Responsive Template-Theme

  • you have to accept the facts that now-a-days most of internet users uses their mobile/cell/smart phones and tabs instead of PC (Personal Computer) for searching and browsing the things they are interested in.
  • We know that more users more ad impressions that results paying high CPC rates. Therefore, you should use responsive template for your blog or website.

At this point i assume your blog or website have enough organic traffic Right? If you need to improve it Go listed insights bellow,

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I hope, you find Google AdSense revenue optimization tips are simple and easy to use. However, like any program, there’s room for improvement. In fact, there are simple optimizations that you can start today to increase your AdSense earnings by earning more clicks and optimizing so your ads are more eye-catching.


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