SwifDoo PDF Software Comprehensive Review


If you want an ultimate solution for your PDF documents, then try SwifDoo PDF.

It will solve all the problems that previous similar software failed to deal with. With just a few clicks, you can manage, create, view, edit, and convert your PDF documents daily.

SwifDoo PDF was developed in 2017.

As it’s a relatively new PDF software, it’s worth reviewing to find out what makes this software stand out from the existing similar software in the market.

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SwifDoo PDF Software Comprehensive Review


Now, most businesses use contracts, documents, press releases, and others as PDFs. It is also the best choice among students.

The beauty of a PDF document is that it maintains its original format across different platforms and devices.

PDF files are also smaller in size, thus saving storage space on your device.

A PDF manager like SwifDoo can be handy if you frequently work with PDF documents.

There are many PDF software available, but SwifDoo PDF has many new features that set it apart from the other PDF software.

SwifDoo supports ios app, Android app and Windows version. It makes PDF file management easy for you.

Some of its exciting and useful features include:

  • Easy editing
  • Quick conversion with original formatting
  • PDF translation
  • Using AI to process PDF
  • Conversion from PDF to OCR

SwifDoo PDF is ideal for students, business professionals, and others. It can manage documents like product brochures, magazine articles, assignments, business contracts, resumes, and more. It is the best PDF managing solution for small businesses.

SwifDoo Interface

SwifDoo has an easy interface that allows easy navigation.

You will notice nine tabs on the top with proper labeling indicating the individual functions, such as Edit, Convert, View, Rotate, etc.

You will find the most frequently used tools on the Home tab. You can view bookmarks, page thumbnails, attached files, and other options on the left sidebar.

However, the menu looks cluttered, so maybe rearranging the tabs on later updates will improve the look of the interface.

Features And Functionality

It has about 30 exciting features that help users to manage their PDF documents more efficiently.

Here is a brief discussion on some of the essential features of SwifDoo PDF.

Modify PDF 

Modifying PDFs seems as easy as modifying a Word document in SwifDoo PDF.

All you need to do is press the Edit button, which is in the home tab, to edit the document.

You can add, delete, and change your document’s font, color, and style.

There is a text-box tool with which you can customize and add text blocks.

You can view the document in four view modes.

Annotation Tools

In SwifDoo, you will get lots of annotation tools like sticky notes, stamps, highlighters, line, shapes, and pencil tools.

Merging And Splitting Files

You can quickly merge multiple pages or split files in SwifDoo PDF. It will only take a few seconds to do this job.

SwifDoo Security

You can secure your document by using encryption, e-signatures, and watermarks. You need to use two kinds of passwords for encryption, which ensures better safety.

Flexible Plan

There are different flexible cost options. Apart from the free trial, you can choose between a monthly subscription of $20 per month or an annual subscription of $69 per year.

Another payment option depends on the number of devices you use. For one PC, you can pay a one-time fee of $103, or for two PCs, $151.

When developing this PDF manager, the software developers have explored customer needs and used the latest technology to develop this software.

It provides constant updates to include new and better features.

SwifDoo Performance

The performance of SwifDoo PDF compared to other similar software is quite impressive.

The users will have a comfortable experience and will get effective results. It provides fast speed.

It will only take minutes to fix your documents. With multi-platform compatibility, you can use it on different platforms.

This software occupies less space compared to the other PDF managers. It can compress your documents into smaller sizes. 

I had a very smooth experience using SwifDoo PDF. The user interface is outstanding, and I can navigate the software easily. It has all the features that I frequently need.

I can now process my business documents within a short time without any hassle. It also saves my memory space and speeds up my work.

Its flexible costing allows me to choose the best option according to my needs.

Compatibility and Integration

SwifDoo is compatible with various operating systems and devices.

You can use it for Windows in the case of PC, and iPhone, iPad, and Android for mobile devices.

However, it’s not compatible with Mac OS and Linux, so I cannot use it on my Mac PC or Linux operating system in the office.

SwifDoo PDF’s integration of the AI editor is something to appreciate.

This tool helps to summarize long PDF documents and translate text into various languages.

This AI editor can rewrite texts and proofread them to make them error-free.

It can explain obscure text, too. Thus, SwifDoo can improve the quality of your document using the AI editor.


  • Lots of PDF editing features, including edit, convert, merge, view, compress, create, annotate, and sign.
  • Easy interface: comfortable to navigate.
  • Affordable: free trials and flexible payment plan.
  • AI integration: analyze extended contents in seconds, rewrite the text, and improve the text.
  • Saves space: can compress documents and doesn’t require much space.
  • Fast processing: multiple tasks can be done in seconds.
  • Allows batch processing: tasks can be performed in batches to save time.
  • Free trial and flexible subscription options: an affordable choice for everyone.


  • It’s not compatible with Mac OS and Linux


SwifDoo is an affordable tool for managing your PDF documents. Whether for personal or business use, this software will quickly carry out everyday tasks related to PDF documents.

Its AI integration makes it unique from the other PDF managers. After weighing its performance, features, and cost, it’s evident that it is one of the best PDF software available today.

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