Influencer marketing or Search engine optimization, which one is better for you?

Digital marketing is gaining a lot of positive attention amongst e-commerce businesses lately due to a lot of factors. One of the most valid reasons behind it is the convenience it provides over conventional methods of advertisements. Digital marketing is spreading its wings, and every day a new variant of marketing is coming up.

Influencer marketing or Search engine optimization, which one is better for you?

Two of the most frequently used marketing strategies lately are Search engine optimization and Influencer marketing. Often many companies are found confused between the two and do not understand which one will be the best for their purpose. Here we will be discussing the aspects of both the strategies and will help in figuring out which strategy is good for what kinds of businesses.

Now let’s see what these two actually are and what they focus on.

How does influencer marketing work?

Influencer marketing is basically done by influencers, who are social media activists with a huge follower count. These influencers work in collaboration with the brand, promote the brand via their social media platforms and help them gain the attention they require.

Influencers can work in the barter system or can charge money as well. Brands initially will choose an influencer who works for the same field, like a travel company will choose a travel blogger; similarly, a beauty brand will connect with a beauty blogger or influencer. Next, they can send them products or offer the services for free, hoping the influencer might like the products and promote them if they feel like it. But this is not a secure method as the influencer might not promote them since they are not getting paid in cash. Thus brands can also work on a contractual basis with them.

Here a contract will be signed between both the parties, the brand will offer products and money, and in return, the influencer will create content associated with the product where they will be sharing their honest review and will be posting them on social media platforms. As a result, the brand will get the attention of its targeted audience effortlessly. 

How does Search engine optimization SEO work?

Search engine optimization works in a different and complicated way. Here the brand will have to select specific keywords which will be either trending or going to be relevant for their business. They will have to incorporate these keywords in the content they will be posting either on their website or social media. So when their targeted audience searches for them using the same keywords, their brand website will come up on the search results. This way, Search engine optimization will enhance your online visibility, connect your brand with the targeted audience, and will increase your sales over time.

How to know which one is appropriate for you?

If you have influencer friends or products and services whose potential will be only understood when demonstrated, then influencer marketing is good for you. Other than that, if you have a big budget for marketing, then this can be a good option as it effectively helps in increasing your sales.

If you are consistent with content posting and also have a limited budget for marketing, then Search engine optimization is the best. Other than that, you have to be immensely patient with the process as it will never work as an overnight miracle. Also, you can find out how to find blogs that accept guest posts to submit blogs for better marketing.

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