Emerson College Campus Building High tech Architecture

Technology and Cultural form of the Emerson College Campus at Sunset Boulevard, L.A. This college campus designed to combine learning. With more social interaction and creativity. Here you will find all the facilities you would ever need as a student. Among them we mention: a screening room with 4K projectors. An editing lab with an audio lab. “a distance learning room” where you can assist lectures from Boston. an open air amphitheater, a glass walled conference room and other classrooms and offices.

Oh, and in case you want a coffee break. all you have to do is to order one at the ground floor cafe. On the inside, it’s a technology heaven.

Emerson College Campus Building Architecture

technology and cultural form,technology and cultural form,

We all know that education is the first step towards evolution. which means that there will always be room for campuses. or other suitable places for students. Morphosis Architects, led by Thom Mayne. They have created the Emerson College campus on Sunset Boulevard, L.A.

technology, and cultural form,technology and cultural, form,technology, and cultural form,

This college campus is designed to connect and provide shelter for over 200 undergraduate students.

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