Airtel 4G Plans In India, Airtel 4g prepaid plans

Airtel launches 4G services trials in many cities,Bharti Airtel launches 4G services LTE mobile services in 296 cities across India.

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After a heated battle between telcos on call rates and later 2G internet connectivity rates, it is time to move on to a newer battlefield now- the 3G and the 4G sector.

How to Buy Airtel VoLTE Sim Card.

Airtel will now offer 10GB of 4G data for only Rs 999 which is much lesser than the Rs. 1,499 required for the same amount of data usage on a 3G network.

Airtel 4G Plans In India, Airtel 4g prepaid plans

Airtel customers can enjoy 4G at 3G data prices, with packs starting at Rs 25, the telecom operator said in a statement.

Bharti Airtel had earlier launched 4G service in select cities in India. Airtel also announced tie-ups with Flipkart and Samsung for bundling 4G handsets with its services.

Airtel launches 4G services 296 Cities in india,Airtel 4G Plans In India

Airtel gives its users the option to choose from two types of 4G devices:

  • By buying a 4G dongle for Rs 1500, they can access internet at extremely high speed over their laptop devices
  • Or, by using the Airtel 4G CPE Router as a complete home Wi-fi solution and connecting multiple devices (like smartphones, laptops and tablets) to it.

Airtel has also launched an automated platform called Flexpage that allows customers to track their data usage and get real time usage alerts. With Flexpage, customers can also upgrade their mobile plan on the go, as and when they exhaust their monthly data quota. Under this platform, customers can opt from a range of 4G data plans, with prices starting from Rs 100.

monthly rental (Rs.) hi-speed data limit

Rs. 100        300 MB
Rs. 250              1 GB
Rs. 450              2 GB
Rs. 650               3 GB
Rs. 750               4 GB
Rs. 850               5 GB
Rs. 950               6 GB
Rs. 999              10 GB
Rs. 1250             8 GB
Rs. 1500            10 GB

The fastest mobile internet ever is now in your pocket. To experience the electrifying speeds of 4G on your mobile, all you need is a 4G enabled phone and a USIM.

Upload 2 high-quality photos per second

Choose your 4G plan (your 3G plan will be upgraded to 4G at no extra cost)

4G-iPhone advance rental postpaid plan

Advance rental for 12 months Rs. 11988

Free data per month 2 GB of 3G/4G data

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