How to get Airtel VoLTE Service and more on Airtel VoLTE plans benefits

What is Airtel VoLTE Service? Giving a tight compitition to Jio 4G network, Airtel recently launch new calling technology which is known as VoLTE technology. Main reason to launch this network for their customores is to giving fast data networks as well free calling facilities. Without this upgradation of technology in mobile network, no one can beat Jio. So, we are know more details about Airtel VoLTE service and how it benificiery for common users? How to Get Airtel VoLTE Service And Airtel VoLTE Benefits Plan,. Bharti Airtel on Monday launched its VoLTE or Voice over LTE services in Mumbai. Airtel marked its entry as the second operator after Reliance Jio to start 4G VoLTE service in the country.

Listed four steps on how customers will be able to subscribe to the Airtel VoLTE service:

How To Get Airtel VoLTE Service

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Airtel VoLTE will be available on 4G- or LTE-enabled mobile devices with Airtel 4G SIMs

  • Check mobile device compatibility at Airtel has tested and certified popular device models for VoLTE compatibility. More models will keep getting added to this list.
  • Upgrade the mobile device’s operating software to the latest version that supports VoLTE. This update is provided by the handset manufacturer.
  • Ensure the device has a Airtel 4G SIM. Customers can upgrade to the 4G SIM by visiting the nearest Airtel store.
  • Enable VoLTE by following instructions on

Available at no additional data charges, the VoLTE service will enable Airtel customers to make calls to any mobile or landline network, said Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecommunications services provider. Calls will be billed as per existing plan or pack, the telecom company noted.

Airtel VoLTE Plan

Daily 1 Gb Plan with Unlimited Calling –

Daily 2 Gb Plan with Unlimited Calling-

Airtel VoLTE Compare with jio Airtel volte will also allow customers to continue with their data sessions at 4G speed while the call is in progress. Even in the case of non-availability of 4G, Airtel VoLTE calls will automatically fall back on 3G/2G network to ensure that customers continue to stay connected at all times, Bharti Airtel said.

How can I identify if VoLTE service on my phone?

  • For Iphone: Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Enable 4G -> Turn on Voice & Data

  • For Android Mobile ( Like Samsung, Moto, Lenovo, Mi, Vivo, Oppo,): Settings -> Settings -> Mobile Network -> Turn on VoLTE call.

*These settings may differ from one handset manufacturer to another.

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