Pop Up Furniture Travelbox is combining elements of flat-pack furniture and traditional travel trunks, this pop up furniture kit for urban nomads comes complete with a bed, chair, table, storage space and even a bicycle for getting around town. For temporary city dwellers who move frequently for work or fun, this solution provides an all-in-one interior design alternative to selling and re-buying furniture or paying extra for furnished rental residences.

Pop Up Furniture – Futuristic Ideas In Temporary Furniture Design

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Pop Up Furniture Travelbox Weighing just 132 pounds and measuring under 7 feet long, 4 feet tall and just over 1 foot wide, the kit is designed to ship easily using conventional methods, able to be strapped to a car roof, packed in a container or shipped by truck, rail, boat or plane.

Pop up furniture are durable exterior aluminum construction, solid wood framing and careful planning help make the exterior robust and interior travel-ready. The container itself becomes part of the finished product, serving as storage, shelving and space divider all rolled into one.

Its creator of pop up furniture Travelbox, Stephan Juust, is putting his time where his money is and currently taking the Travelbox on the road while he tours around Europe. While it remains a prototype for now, his aim with this system is to ultimately provide an alternative to buying and selling furniture when moving.

At the same time, his solution offers surprisingly high-quality construction, crafty details and nice finishes that help make furnishings feel personalized and places really feel like homes.

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Winger, hope you really like this pop up furniture ideas, those make a particular city or residence – a temporary home. Or those who travel and need a short time home furniture solution, this pop up furniture travelbox is really fantastic solution.

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