The 5 Biggest Antivirus Software Blunders in that Safeguard Your Computer

The 5 Biggest Antivirus Software Blunders in that Safeguard Your Computer because you and we all know very well that the web is an extremely dangerous place as you may sometimes have to deal with so many unwanted things like hackers, spam,spyware, phishing web sites and viruses.

Because of these anti social elements in your computer, you need to have reliable and efficient antivirus software to keep your data safe. Most users are unaware of the viruses that can damage systems.

However, its something that you can be quickly eradicated if you are keen to maintain your Computer & laptop’s health.The virus is similar to the com cold which silently makes its way through the masses.

They often slow down any application processes and can have a damaging effect on your CPU usage. Thankfully, there is an array of antivirus software that can protect your system from undergoing disaster.

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Antivirus Software – Safeguard Your Computer

Here we have the best antivirus software in that can ensure maximum security and minimal data loss.

Quick Heal Total Security


Quick Heal Total Security antivirus software has been acknowledged the best antivirus software program.Advanced DNAScan The ingenious Quick Heal DNAScan technology is now enhanced to combine behavioral and characteristic inspection and monitoring of unsafe programs.

This results in a clean, more up-to-date and accurate detection of threats.Assures complete security for your PC with a deep system scan. A combination of features like Antivirus software, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, AntiRootkit, Silent Firewall and IDS/IPS work to give the best antivirus software protection.

The revamped antivirus software scan engine avoids rescanning files that have not been altered since the previous scan. This reduces system resource usage.This feature is designed to protect your online banking activities from fraudulent websites and malicious programs that steal financial information.

It provides a safe desktop session where your financial transactions on banking portals, shopping and other e-commerce websites stay private and hidden from hackers.This facility guides you on how to speed up your PC.

You can tune start-up applications, services and clean unwanted registry entries and files.Parental Control Schedule, control and monitor Internet usage for your children. Configure parental control based on user accounts. quick heal most sell antivirus software.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus


Bitdefender antivirus software Plus has been acknowledged the best antivirus software program. It has exhibited excellent scores in lab tests performed independently. It has great phishing protections and avoids of transmission of personal information.

New Wallet can manage private data and passwords. Safepay hardened browser safeguards all financial transactions. It scans your system for threats and even your Facebook profile.

You can, however, face some difficulty installing this program on systems that are infected with malware. Also, there is a limitation on the management of wallet password. The “Plus” in its name refers to an outstanding collection of relevant and effective security tools.

Norton antivirus


Norton antivirus software can handle all your critical corrupted files. The installer can rectify certain problems. It’s very effective at anti phishing, exploit blocking and malicious URL blocking. The program displays great score with respect to malware clean up. It can be easily installed and used. You can have admittance to free customer support at any given hour.

Elaborate testing done by German-based AV Test Labs have found that Norton Antivirus software heads the list with respect to usage, ability to safeguard your system against malware and the potential to disinfect PCs that are already infected.

Cloud Hosting

Panda Cloud Antivirus

panda antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus is a free software program which can be used with other security tools without any difficulty. It’s a lightweight tool which is small and simple. Since it’s a free version, there are some important features missing in it. For instance, the paid version provides protection at public wifi networks.

Independent testing has shown that the free version is very much capable of protecting your PC, with the latest report of AV Test awarding a certification to the software.


Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky antivirus software forms the backbone of your system’s antivirus security system, functioning effectively to deliver the speediest and most reliable computer spyware and virus protection in the globe. It can easily detect new threats and stop them from infecting your PC.

You can set your options and allow the program to safeguard your computer without having to constantly monitor it. It has real time security as you use the internet, communicate via IM or email, and download and open files.

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