The difference between modernism and minimalism

Modernism reflects the way you live your life in a simplified and honest way. Minimalism reflects the way you live your life by means of glass and mirrors.

Modernism creates forms that follow function. Minimalism creates forms that have had function removed.

Modernism provides an open plan. Minimalism provides an open plan aggressively.

Modernism has minimal details. Minimalism has minimal details removed.

Modernism dissolves the boundary between the interior and the exterior spaces. Minimalism requires you to wear a robe.

Modernism uses a lot of glass. Minimalism uses all the glass.

Modernism uses order in the designs. Minimalism orders uses in the design.

Modernism is restrictive. Minimalism scoffs at modernist restrictions.

Modernism represents the modern age. Minimalism represents minimalism.

Modernism is isolated. Minimalism is lonely.

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