Most of us have family members who study abroad and we would love to send them gifts but it’s just too expensive! This Holiday season, give the gift of Bitcoin! Don’t you want your kids to have a good time and buy some treats during this holiday season?

Be That Cool Parent This Holiday (Quarantine) Season!! Money Transfer to abroad

It’s easy! Really!! Simply send funds in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin really is #supermoney! Did you know that your kids can also spend Bitcoin in the US and across the globe in many different ways? recently Post buy enabling our users to make purchases on Amazon with Bitcoin. So send your kids some Bitcoin and they can spend it on Amazon and even get a discount!

Best part of all of this!!! No massive bank wire fees needed in sending some fun money to your kids!

So how does it work?

  1. Create a free account at Wazirx
  2. Provide your KYC credentials
  3. GET earn 50%
  4. Deposit INR onto the platform and buy Bitcoin
  5. Send Bitcoin to your kids
  6. Become the COOLEST PARENT EVER!

Simple, right? And what’s even better? You save on your bank wire transfers fees! Why not get started today?

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