10 Best Video Search Engine

Video Search Engine is Something Similar to Images Search Engine, or We call it Reverse Image Search Engine. The Video Search Engine Allows You to Search Video Only. Video Plays Important Role for Everyone and There are Numbers of Video Search Engine are Developed now which are mainly Provide the Result of Videos.

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What is Video Search Engine?

Video Search Engine

Video Search Engine is web-based Search Engine that allows you to Search for Videos only. This Search Engine Provides the Video Result for Search Query.

These Video Search Engines are Developed to Find the Videos as per the Users Search. There are Large numbers of Video Search Engine Available that allows you to Options Like you can search Video With the name, Length and lots of other filtration available.

Best Video Search Engine:

1. Youtube:

Youtube is Top in The List of Video Search Engine. It’s Provide large numbers of Result for any Video Category. We have seen rapid Growth Of Youtube in last few years, and this makes Youtube in the Top for Videos. You will Find Hundred and Thousands of Video for each Category, and it’s getting more and more Popularity.

Google owns Youtube and anyone can Login with Google account to Upload Video to anyone, you also have Options to Keep Video Private and many other Good Option. If you are Looking for any video, then you have to Visit and then you can search with keywords. You will Find numbers of Videos. You also have options to Filter the videos via Date, Month, Year, Quality and Much More.

2. Google Videos:

Google Videos is also one of the Best Option by Search Engine Gaint Google. It’s Allows you to Search For any Videos using Google Video Search. It’s Provides most of the result from the Youtube but you will also see some good videos from other websites, so this is also Good Option to Search for the Videos.

4. Bing Videos:

Bing Videos is Something Similar to Google Videos. You have to search using your Keywords and then it will show you the result. You can apply lots of filtration like dates, Source, Resolution, Length and Much More. One of the interesting Feature it’s Provide that is it will play video on the same screen, so you don’t have to visit new screen to watch the video, and you can quickly switch between videos.

5. AOL Videos:

AOL Videos is another Good Option to view and Search Videos. You will find lots of option on Website. You can browse throw the categories. Even you can locate the video using this site; you will find lots of new sources to watch the Videos. AOL is Working Something Similar to Bing Video Search. It will play the Video on Screen from the Host, and you don’t have to leave the screen.

6. MeFeedia:

MeFeedia is another Good Options For Video Search. You can Find Video quickly using this website. Once you hit the Serch query, then it will Display the Videos, and you can also Browse the Channels something similar to Youtube Channels. You can also Upload your Videos but for that, you need to create an account with the MeFeedia. It’s also offering Mobile and tab applications so you can download it to enjoy Videos on your SmartPhone.

Yahoo Videos:

Yahoo Videos is also one of the Good Options to Search for the Videos. It’s work same like Bing, and you can Play Video Directly on the same screen. Yahoo Video Search provide Option for Filtration like Date, Length, Resolutions, and Source. If you are Looking for Something new and alternative to Youtube, then you can visit Yahoo Videos.


Veoh is again Video Search Engine, but this does not look good as compared to Other Search Engine. It Provides numbers of Search for Your Search query. The site is a little bit slow, and you will exit with it’s UI. If you want to try something new Video Search Engine, then you can visit this website.


eHow is another Good Options; mainly we know this site for How to Guide but it has Video Section also, and you can search for any video using the site. eHow provides numbers of video Tutorial also, and this is one of the best places to learn something. Once you Visit the Website then First you need to Search and then Click on Video tab to see the Video List.


Cleepr is something different; it’s specially developed for the Music Lovers. If you Like to watch Music Videos, then you can Visit Cleepr to Find the latest and top Video Music. It’s Provide a large number of Result for your Search, and this makes it one of the Good Video Search Engine.

These are the Best Video Search Engine. If you have Any Other Suggestions, then Feel Free to Write in Comments

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