Reputed Best Free File Sharing Software with P2P

Reputed Best Free File Sharing Software with P2P is about traditional downloading of application and programs from any website has now become outdated and in addition there aren’t many websites offering free File Sharing Software ’s for download.

Another means for File Sharing Software and downloading of files is known as P2P file sharing software & networks and this has grown to remarkable level with lots of networks having even more than zillions users to share, music files, software, programs and videos etc.


Millions of people utilize free File Sharing Software so as to swap music, videos and other files on the Internet. Lots of free Peer to Peer file sharing programs are out there. Some P2P software provides a larger client base and greater number of files to select from. Few File Sharing Software better utilizes the network resources and might be easier to utilize.

Reputed Best Free File Sharing Software with P2P

Finally, a few P2P file sharing software are increasing in reputation while the others are declining. Dwell on all these factors while deciding which of the P2P network to connect with.



This is free P2P file sharing software which has attracted an extremely loyal following among the ones interested in sharing television programs and movies. The official BitTorrent client generally doesn’t support bandwidth throttling, means it’ll tend to dominate a network connection not allow surfing Internet or otherwise making use of the network while some files are being uploaded or downloaded. Various alternative BitTorrent clients such as Azureus, BitTornado and BitComet also exist.


As installed base of the Shareaza client users is rising, it has become much better P2P free file sharing software . It offers a really powerful search engine competent of connecting to numerous popular P2P networks counting eDonkey, Gnutella and BitTorrent. Shareaza file sharing program includes intelligence for detection of corrupted and/or fake files. The Shareaza download does not contains any spyware or ads.


It is full-featured free Peer to Peer network with its file sharing software include Ares Galaxy. The Ares client supports decentralized music in addition to other file sharing; moreover, includes built-in chat services. Ares strives to provide the plainness of Kazaa clients without adware and quick connection times.


The Kazaa a file sharing software has been the most famous P2P file sharing system / program of all time. It is easy and fast to use. However, this software and FastTrack network which it utilizes seems to be declining swiftly in availability and popularity of files. Some people have criticized intrusiveness of “adware” rooted in free Kazaa clients while the others have complained regarding the frequency to encounter fake files on the FastTrack.


BearShare P2P free file sharing software tends to be a popular software client for Gnutella P2P network. The pay as well as free downloads of this file sharing programs now are available in the market.


No longer supported or functional by its creators, Morpheus P2P client applications existed in paid and free Ultra versions both. Morpheus Ultra removed the banner marketing bundled with free version. The Morpheus clients were competent of searching FastTrack, Gnutella2, Overnet and eDonkey2K P2P networks.


Now unavailable, eDonkey/Overnet was state-of-art P2P free file sharing software particularly popular in Europe. eDonkey P2P client linked to both eDonkey and Overnet networks which joint support large base of files and users. Separate Overnet client was there some years ago; however, was merged with eDonkey. This ran on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. The free eDonkey version contained embedded advertising; however, no dreaded spyware was found in a few online free file sharing software downloads.


eMule project began with the objective of building an enhanced free eDonkey client. It has achieved large user base, which connects both to eDonkey P2P files sharing network and few others. This contains no adware, and the software base is also well-maintained by open source development group. The chief drawback of eMule’s Peer to Peer file sharing software is its speed: this software typically performs downloading quite slower than the other P2P clients.


With incorporated media player, the open source program is compatible with Mac, PC, as well as Android operating systems. If you make use of this file sharing software , then there is guarantee that there is no adware or spyware. Frostwire supports magnet links, torrent files, in addition to extremely large file size.


No longer obtainable online, WinMX provided a large Peer to Peer file sharing software and network in addition to feature-rich client software which had evolved over many years of development. It had a name for being more difficult and complex to use than a few alternatives. However, WinMX provided power to the users in managing downloads also and it provides a wide collection of MP3 files. Some of the users of WinMX reported waiting in very long queues in order to download well-liked files. WinMX program ran on Windows operating systems only. This network has restricted number of the Viruses and it also has constraint of maximum file sizes i.e. only 2 GB can be shared. WinMX is majorly utilized for video and audio file sharing; however, you can make use of it for sharing all types of files.


uTorrent and BitTorrent actually are owned by same company, thus you can think uTorrent as little brother. Both software share similar interface; however, uTorrent is a slimmed-down and more efficient piece of software. Owing to its light size, this is perfect for usage on netbooks and smartphones.


Supporting 9 different languages, iMesh had been distributed widely all through the world. With Facebook’s connectivity, you can now connect as well as share with your family and friends. iMesh offers you legal access also to about 15 million free videos and songs.


This is client based totally on giFT P2P file sharing protocol. The protocol improves overall usability of P2P network, capability to downloading single file from numerous peers simultaneously. It supports numerous networks for free file sharing.


P2P realizes 3rd generation P2P net. It is only a kind of P2P file sharing application that encrypts everything. This protects your privacy when you are connected to the web and makes you untraceable, hiding your IP and encrypting everything you’re sending to and receiving from others.

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