Top 10 reasons to failure blog for best tech bloggers

Unknown Reasons For Failure Blog Of The New Blogger is some collective thoughts and exact reasons for those who want to start their blogging career as a pro blogger and don’t know the risk factor of Failure Blog. I am also a blogger and in starting 2014  i was also affected from these tackles but strong determination and the never give up thought make me strong and i make blogging my Passion.

I do blog because i love it and it gives me an identity and toady people knows me as a blogger and it gives a smile on my face. I am not saying i am a blogger with huge earning but able to bear my own expenses and make some saving.

Failure Blog For Best Tech Bloggers

I learnt a lot of things from my fellow bloggers like how to get popularity, how to make followers on Facebook, How to promote your blog post on social media. Every day i note the activities of Other blogger friends, watch their blog post, chat with them and feel their changing behavior.

On my personal experience i have noticed these common things about Bloggers that become the reason for their failure blog:


Money Making Priority

Every person living on this earth loves money and want to earn money, same thing applied on bloggers, they are very conscious for money. Making money in short period is in their blood but get failed most of the time.

Most of the Indian bloggers blog for money, they start a blog from the purpose of Money and online making money become the priority for their blogging but it is wrong way earning money is good but it should be secondary. Money should not affect your blogging, otherwise you ahead toward failure blog category.


Soon Give up

The lack of strong will power is one of the failure blog reason, many of time i have seen in Bloggers. As they start a blog they work hard for one or two month and after that they lose interest due to less traffic and no earning, The result is they stop blogging and shut the blog due to their confidence loosing and in blogging you need to work without expectations.

Over Excitement

The blogging spreading not only in India, even all over the world rapidly. the teenagers showing over excitement towards blogging. As they seen the earning of other bloggers they stop concentrating on their study and join blogging, and the imbalance between Study and blogging make them confuse and stressed.

Lack of Writing Skill

Blogging is about to learn new things and convert them into writing. The way of your presentation, efficiency in writing affect your blog a lot and the lack of good writing skill affect the success of blog and you get failure blog and blogging

. In starting the writing skill of me was not so good but as I seen the other blogs and their way of writing and presentation, I improved my writing skill.

Follow the Crowed

This is the biggest fact i have ever seen in bloggers, they follow the other Peoples, their activities, copy their way of working but this working scenario does not work in long term and failure blog.

Instead of making a follower make your own identity and inspired others to make your follower, everyone can make this quotes true by doing some invention and unique activities.

Lack of Patience and Consistency

The most required thing a blogger must have is patience. A blogger with lack of patience can’t do blogging, it is an online activity which needs time and increasing competition make it very hard.

If you think by adopting short cut ways, you can earn huge in less time than you are wrong, every task need time and in blogging it is must . The Indian bloggers loosing their blogging carrier due to lack of patience.

The blogs needs consistency in post updating, if you are not consistent with your blog, you can never be successful.

Lack of Proper Research

A well searched term is better than 100 non searched term and this thing suited to bloggers perfectly. bloggers do hurry in starting a blog and start writing by seeing others with searching term like level of competition, users interests and many other things which leads to failure blog and discouragement.

For exp. Everyone is writing about how to make money online, You can’t make money by writing these kind of topics.


Distraction is the main tackle facing by bloggers including me. They distract very soon from the others earning status, as they see someone earning from an event blog, they stop working on their permanent blog with less but permanent earning and start an event blog but its is not essential.

You also earn like other. In short social media like Facebook affect the efficiency of bloggers.

Lack of Passion & Enthusiasm

Blogging without passion is like a body without Soul. If you are not passionate toward blogging, you can never be successful and most of the bloggers are not getting success or failure blog due to lack of passion and enthusiasm. They do blog by money-making inspiration and make it their motto of blogging.

Blogging against Interest

Interest matters a lot in blogging, Do whatever you love. If you are doing blogging in a niche in which you do not have interest and knowledge, you will fed up after a short period. This is the common tendency of  bloggers, They join blogging by seeing others not on their own interest.

So, for success in blogging you must have keen interest in topic about which you are writing. connect with your audience and readers, you must have enough knowledge to help your readers and to solve their issues.

Blogging against interest

These all facts are noticed in most of the bloggers and not related to a particular blogger, a few facts from the above are also find me in myself too, some are good and some are bad. I hope you will love to read this topic and come to about the reason for failure blog.woman-blogging

Being a blogger i am totally aware about bloggers and their blogging behavior , it is true I am not familiar with all bloggers but can predict the blogging scenario of most of the bloggers.

There is no doubt about the success of great bloggers but the no. of unsuccessful bloggers ( failure blog ) is more than successful bloggers due to the lack of knowledge, lack of patience, a though to earn huge in less time,

Check this also,

lack of proper research, poor writing skill, lack of promotion and many other factors for the failure blog or blogger. Hope you enjoy this collective thoughts on failure blog. If i missed something, or have a some suggestions put your thoughts bellow in comment box.

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