Best Directories to Submit Website for Better Crawling and Indexing

Best Directories to Submit Website for Better ” Crawling and Indexing ” is about essential to have a online presence.

Nowadays, it is very essential to have a online presence, not just online presence, a valuable presence and this can’t be achieved much better than having your own website or blog. So if you have created your website or blog to create your online presence or for some other reasons, then its GOOD, but i guarantee that you are lost somewhere in the middle of Millions of website if you are not indexing your website.

So crawling and indexing by Search Engines [ Termed: SE ] is a really important for your website and to get it crawling and indexing by SE, we have listed some of the services where you must try submitting your websites. And don’t you worry, most of them are FREE and Effective. ” Doubt us! – No problem ” your doubt will vanish just checking our first suggestion from our list.

And the best is yet to come, our list don’t include any website that would prompt to add the website link or back link on your website. Isn’t that Awesome – If yes – HIT SHARE

Best Directories to Submit Website for Better Crawling and Indexing

So where should you submit your website?

Below here we have collected the best places where you can submit your blog and get the search insects crawling and indexing it.

Google Webmaster

SO if you are unaware of what the webmaster is, then let me give you a quick glance. webmaster stands for mastering your website on the web, so in simple it means that you controls what appears on the web from your website. So you should visit and you should submit your website and also submit your sitemap, the one that ends with .xml. In our case its . Submitting your website and your sitemap on google will efficiently increase your blogs crawling and indexing on search results and get more visitors.

Bing Webmaster

So bing webmaster is also the same as google webmaster, and works pretty well like google webmaster. The only difference is that it is owned by Microsoft and your website will appear on Bing search results, means bing searches. Learn how to submit your website in webmasters like Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster.


Google+ or in other words is the best social networking system to bring visitors on your website. probably it may seem you boring or dull as you can’t do everything as like on facebook. But it has got great leads than any other social networks. Its integrated with Google Webmaster, you may not see the option there but if you post your links or posts links with valid markups and details, then probably within hours your can see the links appearing on search results.

Google+ is not just meant for social networking, its a bundle which has been packed with all the features from personal life to marketing to business. If you don’t have a Google+ page for your website, then create it now.


Alexa, another magic for bloggers and website owners to know their blog positions and how they are doing. Alexa is a fantastic service  provided by, which comes in two avatars FREE and PAID. We recommend you to submit your blog on alexa and keep tracking your ranks, sites linked in and load time regularly. We highly recommend you to get a paid version of alexa after your websites ranking is less than >1,00,000. (Globally).


We know you have a facebook account, but you should have a facebook page for your website, and should regularly keep posting quality contents on your page and make your page a unique one by choosing a unique banner and profile pic. Posting on facebook has two great effects on your blog.

1st it brings visitors to your website through your facebook page

2nd facebook is highly SEO friendly and anything from your page will get indexed and crawled in SE.


Twitter the most famous micro-blogging platform and social networking sites, connecting thousand of people in real time. We have already discussed about Why you should create a Official Twitter Profile by your Website name. You can’t even calculate the permutation and combination that can be done if someone retweets your tweets. @kadvacorp


Technorati in one of the worlds largest web directories and blog submitting services . Submitting your website in technorati will significantly boost your website in Search Engines. We also have an article on how to submit your website in Technorati. Visit:

IMT Website submitter

FANTASTIC: IMT website submitter is a fantastic web service, it submits your website to over 2500+ directories and websites and the best part is that its FREE. Learn How to submit your websites to over 2500+ directories with a single entry process. Or you can

Google Analytic

Its not a place to submit your website, but just creating and linking analytics code to your website may help you to check your website statistics and their locations, browsers, language and help you to target specific customers or visitors. Learn How to Create a Google Analytics account for your website.


Though feedburner is known as a Feeds or RSS service, but it has got a feature integrated on it. The pingshot, just like you ping your Enemy in Call Of Duty. Pingshot pings other websites when you publish a post.

feedburner-kadvacorp-ping, crawling and indexing,

Ping your Posts on other Websites just link pinging in Call of Duty

Blog catalog

Blog catalog is a web directory but classified in different categories, so it is very important that you submit your website in the right category. Learn How to submit your website in Blog catalog. Be careful while submitting beacuse they manually review your submission and can accept or reject it. The review may take from 24-48 hours.

Pinterest [ If you have a image based website. Like  – photography]

If your website has beautiful images created or captured by you, then you should probably create a account on pinterest and release your images there. The merits of having pinterest is that first all the images are now licensed under your account and the second you now have a backup of all the images even if you lost or corrupt your images from your websites.

Submit Express

Submit Express is a service that is dedicated to the real high standard SEO’s that major search engines like google and bing demand. With the option with free submission, just go ahead and boost your website in SERP. Visit :

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So, friends this is all about website crawling and indexing for better web traffic and online visibility. hope this article will help you in anyways.

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