You must have Internet Security Extension For Your Google Chrome

You must have Internet Security Extension For Your Google Chrome is a collective thoughts and try for how to protect and make your browser safe and secure in many ways.

You can never be too safe on the internet. Sure, you’ve learned to not open links from phishy emails, or to click on links from Facebook and Twitter that sound like spam, but once in a while, maybe through no fault of your own, you’ll end up at a bad corner of the internet.

How do you stay safe on the internet? Well, by making sure the site isn’t known to spread malware, by forcing HTTPS everywhere, and by disabling cookies for websites like Facebook who try to follow everything you do online. How can you do all that and more? Chrome extensions of course. Check out these must-have internet security extension below.

You must have Internet Security Extension For Your Google Chrome

So, friends let’s go through some important internet security extension without wasting time:

HTTPS Everywhere

The HTTPS protocol puts a secure wall between your computer and the web server you’re communicating with. A lot of major websites are using the secure HTTPS protocol now but there are still some small websites that have not made the switch.


With the HTTPS Everywhere extension you can force each site to open using HTTPS.


Avast! is one of the most widely used free desktop anti-virus programs. It also has a Chrome internet security extension dedicated to internet security.


hanks to the millions of users who use Avast! on desktops and in browsers, the app has amassed a huge repository of phishy sites,

So when you visit a particularly shady part of the internet, Avast! will warn you about it.

Web Of Trust

Web Of Trust gives reputation ratings for links and websites. The internet security extension also has a hover-over-links feature that lets you see the reliability of a webpage even before you visit it.


Web Of Trust’s database is immense and it uses the well known traffic signal lights to signify the ratings. So when you see the red dot, you know it’s best to stay away. A green dot means go.

The internet security extension also has detailed ratings if you want to see if a site is child friendly or not. You can choose to leave ratings for websites yourself, which help other users too.


Disconnect stops more than 2000+ third party websites from tracking your every move. It even stops some of the ones that continue to monitor you after you’ve closed the websites, using cookies and some clever JavaScript.

Disconnect will also secure Wi-Fi when you’re using a public network to stop eavesdropping.


DoNotTrackMe is an alternative to Disconnect, one that gives you a lot more control over the data being transmitted.

do-not-track me

You can choose to block any personal data you choose, including your email address.

ZenMate and Hola

ZenMate and Hola are both spectacular proxy/VPN internet security extension softwares integrated in Chrome. Both extensions can be used to mask your current locations.


Hola allows you to choose servers from many countries like USA, UK, Germany, etc. The by-product of using such services to hide your real location is that you .

PasswordFail and Credit Card Nanny

When you type in password or credit card details into any site, they are usually encrypted before being sent to the server. This is what protects your precious data from being stolen.


It’s important that you don’t use websites that transfer this data in plain text, which would allow any middleman attacker to easily gain your credentials.


PasswordFail and Credit Card Nanny will let you know if a website is transmitting passwords or credit card details in plain text.

Stay Safe

It’s a jungle out there, so stay safe. And let us know your favorite internet security extension tips in the comments below.

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