How to Monitor Employee Performance Using Spyier

Do you think your employees are not productive at work? Do you think they misuse the company’s resources for their private use? Are you wondering if your employees are loyal to their jobs and completing their tasks when you are not around? 

Monitoring your employees at work is an effective strategy for every manager. It happens that some employees may need someone to watch them closely to be on track. 

How to Monitor Employee Performance Using Spyier

Some tend to get carried away on social media, especially if they are allowed unlimited access to the company’s internet resources. Some may require help when they get stuck at getting a particular work done. 

It is your job as a manager or business owner to follow up on your employees to ensure that they get work done and at the right time. 

Using the ‘Spyier‘ app, you can check your employee’s performance and be sure they are productive with their time and other company resources. 

In this article, we’d show you how to track your employee’s performance using Spyier, which is an online tracking app.

Spyier, your best employee tracking app. 

Spyier is an online spying app that can be used on both android and IOS devices for tracking employee performance. That’s not all, and it also provides an extensive array of tools that you can use to monitor calls, web surfing, location, emails and messages. 

This app is very reliable, with more than a million subscribers all over the world. For this reason, it has appeared on high-ranking media channels such as Buzzfeed, The New York Times, etc.  

The best thing about using Spyier to monitor your employee’s performance is that you don’t need to root nor jailbreak a phone. With the geofencing feature. You can detect how long an employee stayed in a particular location (maybe a work location). 

For companies who don’t allow the use of social media in the workplace, you can control this using the ‘Spyier app’. 

Using free spy apps is not that difficult. Spyier is also easy to use and can help improve the productivity of your workers. When they know that you are watching them, they tend to be more productive with how they spend their time. 

Is it legal for you to track your employees?

There has been some controversy as to whether employers are legally allowed to monitor the activities of their employees. There is no straight answer to this as it can be legal or illegal depending on your country.

However, you can monitor a device issued by your company as long as your employee is aware of being tracked. But you are not legally allowed to monitor your employee’s device. 

How Spyier monitors employee’s performance. 

Like we mentioned earlier, some companies place restrictions in their workplaces, such as limited internet use, emails, or specific websites. Some are not allowed to use social applications or their phones while they are at their work premises. 

Using the Spyier app, employees who flop can be detected and given proper disciplinary measures. Some of the specific features and ways that the Spyier app uses to monitor employee performance include; 


This feature enables you to track when your employee enters or leaves a particular job location. This makes workflow more manageable. Spyier app sends you a notification each time this kind of movement is made. With this, you can know when your employee left a job location, when he arrived and how long he stayed there.  

Web-browser Monitor: 

If you want to know what your workers are doing on their computer. With this feature, you can control and even apply restrictions to the websites your employees use. That’s not all; with this, you can also observe who websites they surf and are currently accessing. 

Location Tracker: 

The location tracker feature on Spyier enables you to get the exact location of your employees, both the time spent on a job site and transit. You can use it to track your employee’s whereabouts and track their movements.

Social Apps Tracker: 

This application also offers remarkable spying features. You can use Spyier to monitor the message and even retrieve deleted messages. That’s not all; you can access live chats and observe what they are doing in their app.  

How to use the Spyier App to monitor your Employee’s Performance. 

First, make sure you have installed the app on your worker’s phone. Monitoring employees without the installation of an app is not possible.

If they use an Android phone, you can download the Spyier android variant, which doesn’t take much space. You should also know that you can hide the app once you install it and work on stealth mode. After that, you can start using it for monitoring. 

In case your employee is using an IOS device, you don’t have to download anything. All you need is their iCloud details to directly monitor their iPhone or iPad from your web browser from your dashboard online. 

Spyier has a free live demo that you can use to get a feel for the app. Also, whether it is Android or IOS, you can find the installation guide on ‘Spyier’s’ official webpage. Now follow the guide below to start using Spyier.

3 Steps to guide you on monitoring your employee’s performance using Spyier

  1. Registration: 

You must create an account using your preferred email. Then select your preferred subscription plan. After buying the plan successfully, a page for payment confirmation will show up. It contains your login details. Click on ‘start monitoring’ to begin. 

  1. Configuration: 

You have to select the OS platform of your employee’s phone and click on ‘proceed’. If it is IOS, you have to enter the iCloud backup details of your employee’s phone. If it is an Android, you have to use the link on the setup wizard page to download the app.

  1. Tracking: 

After all setup and configuration, click on the ‘start’ button to access your dashboard, where all the features you need are located. You can then track your employee’s performance from here. Either by following their location, web activity, use of social apps, etc. 


Using Spyier to monitor your employee’s activity is a great way to enhance productivity in your workplace. Through this app, you can track employees who are slacking in their roles. That was all about the guide to monitor employee performance using Spyier. Using the steps above, you can successfully track your employee’s phones and find out things you need to know about their job performances. 

If you found this article helpful, comment on your experience with the app and share it to help other employers track and monitor their employees. 

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