Facts about Finland Education System Ranking: World’s no. 1 Model

Finland Education System is one of the best in the world. But question is – Why Finland education is best in the world? So, today we are see some interesting fact about education system of Finland. Those ranking factors make Finland education system statistics no. 1 vs US.

Finland education system article is about their pros and cons. Also, we can get some ideas about benefits of Finland’s education system. We are see the system of examination, assessment, quality of education, staff etc.

How does Finland’s Education System Work?

Finland is ranked No.1 in the world in Education. What’s so great about Finland education system model!

finland education system,

A child goes to school there only at the age of 7. The torture does not start at 2 ½ as it is elsewhere.

A child learns from each move that it comes across in this early age at home.

From the age of 7 to 10, The child spends 50% of it’s time in school and the remaining as vacation.

The school timings in Finland education are also less and equal importance is given to Music, Arts and Sports too.

The Finland schools have relaxation rooms for the children to take rest, if they feel tired.

Until the age of 13, There is no grading and no report cards for students in Finland education system.

If parents are inquisitive of the child’s progress. They can apply to know that.

Since there is no grading. There is no pressure on the student to compete.

Description of Finland’s Education System.

finnish education system

Finland Education system are not give homework. Students can do their homework in the subject of their choice.

A doctor station in each school to monitors students health and advice.

Only a maximum of 600 students are permit in a Finland schools.

There aren’t any private schools. All are Govt. run. There is equality in education for all.

99% of children in Finland get primary education.

Students, who hail from a country, where there aren’t exams excel in competitive exams elsewhere.

You may wonder, how this is possible.

An UN research explains this. UN does an annual research about the happiest children in the world. Finland stands first.

Educationists from other countries flock to Finland to understand their system more.

1500 representatives from 56 countries go to visit Finland education system every year.

The country’s major foreign exchange comes from education tourism.

Salient Features of Finland Education System.

finland education system
A teachers job in Finland is like an IAS or IPS job here.

The teachers have a major stake in the laws and policies of the country.

Every third child, there wants to become a teacher. But it’s not so easy.

Only students who excel are consider for this post.

They are given 5 years of Teacher Training, 6 months of Military training, One years of onsite teacher training. Training in the Laws and Policies, Fire service, Self Defense, First Aid. In total a 7 Year Training.

Thoughts to ponder Why is Finland’s education system so Good:

Don’t find fault in children. Don’t hesitate to appreciate when they do good.

No one knows what a child can become. Keep encouraging them.

Edison was considered dumb and thrown out of school.

Louis Pastor was an average student in school.

Einstein was considered an idiot in school.

Talk to children daily about their goodness.

Don’t compare a child with another.

Talk about successful people to them.

Instead of telling the how not to be tell them about how to be.

Don’t curb them to the house.

Give them good examples and independence.

If you talk to them about a bed of flower they’ll understand the path of thorns.

Tell them about hard work. They will get to know about laziness.

When you tell them about successful people they will understand the reasons for failure.

And for all this, we need a good governance.

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So, friends these are some important and eyes opener facts about Finland Education system. What do you thinks about this entire education system? Have a thoughts on it, share with us.

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