What’s the Best Cloud Backup? 3 Top Online Backup Sites

What’s the Best Cloud Backup? 3 Top Online Backup Sites  is for your online data storage but before moving to the list of best online backup sites, we need to understand what’s the meaning of Cloud Backup and Online storage.

A cloud backup can also be referred to top online backup sites which let you upload or send your data to an online server via public network or proprietary. This backup is placed on a third party server which may or may not charge a fee according to the – bandwidth, capacity and the count of users.

Generally all the top online backup sites have similar working, which is through an application which is on the user end, where data can be sent over back and forth. Mostly people choose daily backups which can be done full backup or incremental backups (only the changed file will be transferred.)

What’s the Best Cloud Backup? 3 Top Online Backup Sites

Saying this, let us now hover onto the huge list of backup solutions, from which we have selected the best three for your

From the list of more than 20 backup services, we have picked up the three best cloud backup services which are chosen due to many factors like – features, reliability, ease of use and compatibility.

We have tried and tested all the best services on cloud servers and ran some rigorous test to ensure the best cloud backups.

MyPC Backup – Top online backup sites


With a wide range of backup features, like – automatic, selective backup and incremental backups and ability to schedule your backups with ease. It also has compatibility with smartphones and the all the data is highly secured which is the backbone of this service. So for risk free and tension less backing up solution, i recommend MyPC Backup. ( Pricing : $9.95/monthly ) max monthly pricing for max storage.

Open Drive


Open Drive is another great tool which has good syncing capacity with computers and iOS devices, although the pricing is a bit on higher side, but it’s worth the cost of losing your data. Backups can be made from multiple users and from multiple computers. This service is a perfect solution if you have more than one pc at home or work. ( Pricing : $15/monthly ) max monthly pricing for max storage. Its my second choice of best online backup service.



SugarSync has one of best set of sharing tools, with fantastic mobile compatibility and at cheap rate, but the service is really fulfilling. All the plans are similar on this website, all share the same features except the size of backups. You can get all features in the free plan as well. I recommend this if you don’t need too much space and need compatibility. ( Pricing : $24/monthly ) max monthly pricing for max storage.

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So, friends this is all about Top Online Backup Sites, hope you enjoy it.

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