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If your iPhone or iPad seems like it’s taking an eternity to charge, it may not be a problem with the device or the charging cable.

iPhone slow charging Fix it with Easy Way

Rather, as CNET’s Dan Graziano explains, it may be a simple buildup of dust or debris in the device’s lightning port. This clogged-up port may be the reason behind many people’s charging woes.i phone not charging

Graziano recommends using a toothpick or bobby pin to gently clean the lint or debris out of the clogged lightning port. If that doesn’t work, try using a can of compressed air to remove the build-up.

Restart and reconnect your phone, and it should charge more quickly. If you’re still encountering problems, it may be a more complicated software error, or you may need to buy a new charger.

Take charge, Apple users!

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