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Free legal software download: Top web sites allow legal and free software downloads, software can be expensive; Often a single copy of your computer can spend more than what is paid. Thankfully, there are real internet resources where you can get free and legal software that meets your needs.

Where to get Free legal software download?

Open source software download website:

Computer being the most used gadget in the recent years, have increased the need of different types of software for different activities. We need to download a software for some or other reason and hence, software companies come up with different types software every now and then. These software are developed by some of the best developers and programmers who design them according to our needs and that are available to download online.

What follows is a list of free legal software download sites that are the cream of the crop of open source software for Windows. Not only is every piece of it free, almost all of them directly replace expensive software packages.


Between these three websites, you can find software for each computing task that you can think of.
The file hippo divides its download into 18 categories, which includes anti-virus, compression tools, file sharing, office productivity and photo imaging. On your main page, it keeps a list of your top 10 most popular downloads. This is also a section for business software, where you can find programs for accounting, project management, sales, marketing and human resources.The website even has a ‘Reviews’ section, and we recommend you browse through its contents to discover new and useful programs.


If you have bought a new computer, Ninite is a one-stop shop that allows you to install a whole bunch of utilities and tools in a single swoop. On its main page, you will find over 80 titlesin categories such a web browsers, media players, photo imagers, office productivity suites, security tools, and utilities.

Select whatever software you want, and Ninite creates a single installation file which you will need to download and run. From here on, the service does the rest. It picks the right 32- or 64-bit version of the software for your PC and it even opts out of third-party toolbars and add-on prompts that appear in the middle of an installation process.

The Ninite installer even updates the software you’ve chosen. Just run it every few months to download and install their latest stable versions.

File Puma

File Puma is similar to File Hippo in its offerings. Only, here, on its homepage itself, you get an upfront listing of the top six software in each category.

Both, websites have free downloadable tools – the File Hippo App Manager and File Puma Update Detector – that scan your PC for installed applications, and let you know if there are new releases available.

File Horse

File Horse does not have as huge a software collection as File Hippo and File Puma. Instead, you get a selection of curated downloads. Also, File Horse maintains an archive of previous versions of software just in case you’re more comfortable with older iterations of certain titles.

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