Level 2 and DC fast chargers: are there EV charging stations near me?

The world is changing and so is the world of electric vehicles (EVs). Every day, more vehicle manufacturers want to join this new trend that has come to stay. The demand for battery-powered vehicles is growing and so is the question “are there EV charging stations near me?”. Drivers who’re thinking of changing their regular vehicles for electric cars require answers to that question.

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Although the percentage of electric vehicles sold around the world does not represent the majority of the market, it is impossible to deny that it continues to increase. The electric car craze continues to expand and governments are looking to push it forward. That is why finding answers to the question “where to find EV charging stations near me?” is mandatory.

Different types of EV chargers

President Joe Biden continues to encourage the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the environment. The tax credit policy encourages both businesses to install EV charging stations and citizens to buy an electric car when replacing their vehicle.

There are currently three different EV chargers on the market. The one you’re going to use will depend on different factors, starting with the brand and type of vehicle you have: a full electric car is not the same as a hybrid, for example. So, next time you’re wondering “where do I find an EV charging station near me?” keep both your needs and the difference between chargers in mind.

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As already said, there are three types of EV chargers on the market. Want to find out a bit more about them? Here are some tips to better understand this:

  • Level 1. These are the most common chargers and frequently used at home. It can be plugged into a 120V socket and it’ll take around 24 hours to get your EV’s battery recharged, depending on the EV’s capacity. The bigger the battery, the longer it’ll take to get it to its 100%.
  • Level 2. When encountering a public EV charging station, you’ll probably find these types of chargers. Level 2 is quicker than L1. It uses a 220-240V plug to get an electric vehicle charged in about 8 hours or so. Remember: this will depend on which type of vehicle and what model and brand it is.
  • Level 3. Best referred to as DCFC (direct current fast chargers), these are the quickest chargers on the market. They require more power, about 480V, and depending on the available power, they can get a regular EV charged in 20 to 60 minutes. You’ll find these chargers at public EV charging stations.

Note to have in mind: not all EVs accept DC fast charging. It’ll depend on the model you own.

What’s the easiest way to find the nearest EV charging stations near me?

After reading the description and the differences between the chargers available in the electric car market, you already have some knowledge. For example, you now know that if you buy an EV, you will be able to plug it in at home, although it will take a long time.

And you’ve got some knowledge about Level 2 and DC fast chargers, but you may be wondering where to look for them. EV charging stations are frequently located in public places where there are also things to do while they get charged: for example, in garages, malls and restaurants.

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If you’re looking for the answer to “where can I find charging stations for EV near me?”, there is an EVCS mobile application and website that allows you to search for the nearest charger by simply entering the zip code or full address in the search engine.

With all this information in hand, you can now think about buying an electric car the next time you consider replacing your car.

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