Convert Your Old Petrol or Diesel Car to an Electric Hybrid Gov Approved

Convert Your Old Petrol or Diesel Car to an Electric Hybrid Gov Approved. The government of India has just notified the norms to convert all old petrol and diesel vehicles to petrol-electric or diesel-electric hybrids by installing kits.

Convert Old Petrol or Diesel Car to an Electric Hybrid

One can also convert these cars to all-electric vehicles. This applies to vehicles that currently run on petrol or diesel only and are BSII and above, Rising levels of pollution.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways says and I quote,

The Retrofitment of Hybrid Electric System kit on vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight not exceeding 3,500 Kg shall be permitted if it conforms to Bharat Stage II or subsequent emission norms, if it was not retrofitted earlier.

This amendment has been made to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) 1989 in 2016. (This is the 7th amendment to the motor vehicle rules).

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So how exactly does one go about setting up these kits?

A starter kit of hybrid generator system, which helps reduce engine RPMs, how the system Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Ciaz SHVS and that is like. This system is an electric motor via a belt drive are connected to the existing engine.

The battery can be charged either separately or engine alternator charging draws its power from a separate or existing pile.

When the vehicle is accelerating, the electric power to make it easier to turn on the motor provides assistance, thereby reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. When the vehicle is decelerating, it turns into a generator and recharges the battery.

Such kits are made by Bosch and KPIT Cummins. In fact, if you later (from KPIT Cummins Revolo) that I had done a few years ago when they learned of it at the Auto Expo can check out a video demonstration.

Why is it that we just don’t shoot on the target and aim to actually reduce pollution. Just check all cars for pollution and make strict norms. These blanket bans are illogical and is not the right way ahead.

Electric car average miles per charge

The average electric vehicle can run for 40 to 100 miles on one charge.

Electric car price

e2o, manufactured by the company’s arm, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles will see a reduction in price by 16 per cent from its earlier price of Rs 5.71 lakh

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