Microsoft launches a new antivirus for Android

The company confirmed that Defender ATP can be used on cell phones and will be used to detect phishing and other social engineering techniques.

During the quarantine, cyber attacks increased dramatically. Hackers know that people spend more time using their devices, be it for work, study or entertainment, and they take advantage of that to try to keep relevant data and information.

For this reason, Microsoft’s announcement about the extension of its Defender ATP antivirus to Android mobile devices is good news for users. 

As reported by the company in an official statement, the system has protection against phishing attempts , a social engineering technique to access private accounts of all kinds.

Microsoft defender for android mobile : Microsoft antivirus for Android

These scam strategies multiply daily and generate the need to have updated antivirus. “We are pleased to announce that the first version is now available for use.

More and more people use their devices to work and it is necessary that they protect their information in an organized way, ”the document states.

In this sense, from now on Microsoft allows, with Defender ATP, to carry out a general defense of the devices . That is,  not only from smartphones but also from computers and tablets.

In principle, it focuses more on corporations and professional companies, but managers say that its use will become popular in the coming months.

It is not ruled out that individual use can also be carried out since millions of people in the world work with their Android devices without the need to be part of a company. 

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One of the advantages of this system is its scanning of applications and files that are downloaded. Many times, these bring hidden malwares that damage the devices in a short time.

In this case, the situation will be alerted before installation and will be blocked if necessary.

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In addition, the URLs of the sites to which you want to access will be analyzed to verify if they are real or fictitious. In this way, users should not check it themselves and will avoid wasting time in this difficult task.

This first test is only for devices with Android operating system. However, the company’s engineers are working to develop a similar product compatible with iOS, that is, Apple equipment.

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