Why not to Change Permalink URL Structure after Publishing Post ?

Hello Folks,….. Why not to Change Permalink URL Structure after Publishing Post ? is about when you write your post or blog post and after publishing your content on live, some time we have a circumstances or requirements to required changes but have a certain issues we discuss here for why not change permalink url structure of post after it’s go live.

Post or Webpage’s permalinks are their URL Structures. Some bloggers change their post URL after publishing their articles thinking that there Post title is not that much good or attractive.



Why not to Change Permalink URL Structure after Publishing Post ?


Now, after changing the post’s title they found the permalink URL of that modified title remained same and don’t match to the Post’s new title so, they changed it too.

This change of your permalink URL structure might makes your post much attractive but it affect a post badly.

As, when your post published, ping send to search engines, web directories and they started crawling your updated content and RSS Feed technology update that post in your in different feed readers of your subscribers.

When you change your artcile’s URL then RSS Feed again publish the same content so, it will show the same post twice and also search engine might crawled your article’s previous link so, when people click on that previously indexed links which you changed now then visitors will bounce to 404 NOT FOUND error page.

This will be bad for your website’s reputation and as per schedule indexing, when search crawlers again crawl your site then, they will not index your 404 NOT found links. Your new permalink URL might not get indexed and the previous URL doesn’t exist.

So, do not change your Post Permalinks, it is not good for SEO. However, if your made a big mistake and there is not any other option then after changing the URL always add proper redirection from the previous link to this new link.


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  • Hey..!! I did the same thing after publishing post.Now the same post is Indexed twice by Google with different url but not giving 404 to remove the older one from serp..Need help..This may give rise to duplicate content issue..

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