How to setup WhatsApp without Mobile Number Trick Step by Step

How to setup WhatsApp without Mobile Number? WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging service in the world. But WhatsApp limits you to use your account in only one device at once.

Also, Whatsapp initial account setting on your smartphone is always a pain, much thanks to their stringent verification process.

How to Setup WhatsApp without a Mobile Number?

setup whatsapp without mobile number,

In case you own two mobile phones. one primary for making calls and another secondary device for social networking including Facebook, WhatsApp setting up a network is always an inconvenient task. thanks to their mobile number verification.

But did you know that there is a trick to bypass the mobile verification process?

This trick is rather useful for setting up an existing account in a different phone using an old defunct SIM card. Hence we just listed down the step to setup WhatsApp without Mobile Number. Which you need to follow to setup a WhatsApp account even without verifying your phone number.

Setup WhatsApp without Mobile Number Steps.

  1. Download WhatsApp app from the Playstore and install it on your smartphone, tablet etc.
  2. Open WhatsApp and kick-start the setup process.
  3. Go to the PlayStore and download TextNow app. Do note that there’s no space between Text and Now. It’s worth noting that there is another app called Text Now which isn’t useful in this scenario. Just in case the TextNow app is incompatible on your device. Feel free to download an apk of the same from sites like APK Mirror etc.
  4. Open TextNow app and get through the initial setup process.
  5. Then note down the number of TextNow app. In case the number is now showing up, you can always dig out your number by click on the icon at the top left corner of your Android device.
  6. Now get back to WhatsApp and enter the same TextNow number in the verification box.
  7. Wait for Verification by SMS option to fail (approx. 2 mins). Once it fails, go select the verification by call option.
  8. Go back to the TextNow app. You will soon receive a call. Note down the verification number.
  9. Open WhatsApp yet again and type down the verification number. Now you are up and running!

Ref : Gizbot.

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So, Wingers – this is just a small guide to setup whatsapp without mobile number. In the case of using your smartphone just for a social networking and fun. Have a thoughts on it, share with us.

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