Tips for every Instagram User for making pictures look far better

Who doesn’t love to click pictures and get likes from friends and fans? Platforms such as Instagram have made picture sharing a mode of inspiration, fun and motivation for many who want to try their hand on photography, modeling as well as blogging on various topics such as food, fashion and travelling.

Tips for every Instagram User for making pictures look far better

If you have an Instagram account but are not getting as many followers as you expected, take a look at your pictures once again. Are they professional looking or lacking some aspects? Here are some tips every Instagram user should keep in mind while clicking pictures for their social account.

1. Don’t forget the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is when you envision the picture to be taken partitioned into ninepartsdivided by two horizontal and two vertical lines. Placing your key components on these lines makes the picture look even better and professionally clicked. So remember this whenever you take a photograph.

2. Take note of the lighting

While taking a photograph in daylight, keep your subject in the shade but if you are inside, sit close to a window where the natural light is. Additionally, figure out how to play with shadows and utilize them to cover certain parts of your subject or to add complexity to your pictures.

3. Use good video editing tools

There are a number of easy to use as well as professional picture editing applications available such as Photoshop, PixArts, and TouchRetouch etc. that you can use to give your photo that professional look. If you are starting out, start with easy to use tools such as crop, blur, highlight etc., and gradually move up to complex tools such as adding grain and shadows.

Keep in mind these great three tips on clicking better and more professional looking photographs, whether you are using your phone camera or a DSLR, these tips will help you realise a great subject, amazing lighting and give it a go with some awesome touchups. So, start clicking and sharing your pictures on Instagram.

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