Top 5 FREE Antivirus for your Computer (With Download Link)

Anti-Virus is most important part of any computer. Many people get affected by the virus and they need advanced Antivirus to get rid of viruses.Today more advanced viruses are being made which are one-step ahead from the Anti-viruses but Anti-Viruses companies are working hard to make their program more advanced and remove more viruses.

Many of the anti-viruses are really costly.

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Top 5 FREE Antivirus for your Computer (With Download Link)-

Our computers are infected from many places like surfing the internet, inserting removable disk drive which is infected by a virus and many other places and to is protected from these viruses we need Anti-Virus. If we do not use Anti-Virus then our computer is at risk of getting infected and our data getting exploited.

Top 5 Anti-Viruses For Your Computer

Today we will combine a list of top 5 best anti-viruses for any computer.

1. BitDefender AntiVirus Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is full of great features from Protection to every thing, the anti-virus can do.

It is available for affordable price. You don’t need to set-up

Bitdefender protects you from many online threats. It can protect you from social-threats, phishing and many other things that can infect your computer while you are surfing the internet.

Bitdefender can encrypt your IM conversions. It can protect your privacy on Facebook. Bitdefender every time. It can make a decision by itself.

Whenever you insert any removable drive it can detect itself and scan the drive for any viruses.

If the disk is safe then it will let you browse it but it’s infected then it will first remove all the viruses from a removable disk.

BitDefender is very easy to use. Bitdefender provides 24/7 Technical support if you are having problems.

Usually, you will don’t have any problem with this awesome antivirus. Bitdefender provides good update facilities whenever any definition update is in the round it will not bother you and will automatically install updates when you are connected to the Internet.

You can download Bitdefender Anti-Virus Plus with the below link

Click Here to Download BitDefender Anti-Virus Plus

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky provides great protection and security. It is packed-full of awesome features.

It has every function that modern anti-virus should have and Kaspersky is always one-step ahead from Viruses.

Kaspersky is very easy-to-use. You can control every bit of Kaspersky Antivirus. The browser plugin is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox which keeps you safe from online-threats and phishing.

Kaspersky Antivirus comes with Virtual Keyboard and Gamer mode. Virtual Keyboard makes it easy for you to write secret information like payment details, credit card numbers, passwords etc.

With Virtual Keyboard you will have to use the mouse to type information and it makes your information safe from Keyloggers and key-recognitions.

Keyloggers steal your information by recording your keystrokes but Virtual Keyboard feature stops keyloggers from recording your information.

The Gamer mode doesn’t disturb you while you are playing games.

Kaspersky provides good technical support. You can get access to FAQ and other help resources easily with Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

You can access these resources online or by using the program. Kaspersky provides life-support. You can connect with any support-member who is online and ask your questions in the meantime.

You can download Kaspersky Anti-Virus with the below link

Click Here to Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus

3. AVG Anti-Virus

If you are looking Anti-Virus for your home-PC then AVG is for you. AVG provides every security feature that every home user needs to protect his PC.

It is also available for businesses. AVG Anti-virus provides extra protection. The AVG Resident Shield doesn’t let you open a file if it is infected.

Every day AVG updates its database with new viruses-definitions so that AVG Anti-Virus can detect new viruses faster.

The AVG security product monitors your protection level and if it finds any problem then it reports back to AVG lab and shows Auto-fix to correct the problem.

The AVG Social Networking protection protects you from social evils like it protects your privacy on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

AVG activates it Internet shield which protects you while you are surfing on the internet and blocks the site that looks suspicious. This Antivirus has browser plugin which shows the safe-rate of the website.

It has good support. Like Kaspersky it also lets you live-support with any support-member online. AVG doesn’t provide Telephone option.

You can download AVG Anti-Virus with the below link

Click Here to Download AVG Anti-Virus

4. AVAST Pro Anti-Virus

Avast Pro Antivirus protects you from every angle. It comes with Web Rep, Safe Zone and Auto SandBox and security gadget. Avast Pro anti-virus protects you from Worms, Trojans, spyware and protects your identity.

WebRep shield is a browser-plugin which protects you while you are surfing on the Internet. One of the greatest features of Avast is its Auto-sandbox.

If any file looks suspicious, Avast warns you and open that file in AutoSandbox. AutoSandbox runs the program but doesn’t let it do security changes like running in the Start-up, deleting system files and many other things which can damage your computer.

Avast Antivirus is easier to use. The installation is simple and every beginner user can install Avast easily.

Avast provides sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and 7 which monitors things related to your Computer security. Avast is intelligent enough and it doesn’t re-scan files.

It only scans files which are changed since the last scan-up so you don’t keep up scanning safe files again and again. This feature also speeds the scan time.

Like other Antivirus programs Avast also provides good tech-support. You can get access to answers easily with FAQ and help resources.

Avast Antivirus has forum-support with good devoted members but you need to first register to ask any questions in Avast forum. Many users quickly reply and answer to the questions.

You can download Avast Pro Anti-Virus with the below link

Click Here to Download Avast Pro Anti-Virus

5. Avira Anti-Vir Premium Anti-Virus

Avira Anti-Vir premium is doing business for last 20 years. Their free solution works best and for extra protection Try Avira Anti-Vir Premium.

Avira has a lot of great features.

The important feature of Avira Anti-Vir is that scanner runs on real-time. When you open any file, the scanner scans it before the file runs so in this way Virus will have no chance to infect your computer.

Avira Anti-Vir has advanced technology and features that protect from your constantly-coming new viruses and its proactive AHead technology protects you from advanced viruses and keeps your computer clean.

Another useful feature of Avira is Bootable Rescue Disk. This feature makes it easy for you to rescue your computer if it doesn’t open or is crashed due to malware.

Run a Bootable Rescue Disk and it cleans your computer from viruses and makes your computer work like before.

The support of Avira is not good as above mentioned Anti-Viruses. You will have access to in-depth FAQ and knowledgeable but it does not have the option for any live-support and has no technical support using Phone.

You can download Avira Anti-Vir Premium with the below link.

Click Here to Download Avira Anti-Vir Premium

That’s! These above are the great Top Anti-Viruses. If you think that we have missed any important Anti-Virus then please let us know.

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