How to Send Full Resolution Images on WhatsApp

Images are always a great way to express your thoughts & emotions just like emojis. But when it comes to sharing images play a significant role in displaying our connections. Whenever we have an opportunity to show ourselves, we always show it off using the photos, images we clicked or have. And the same way we share images over the web and one of them is WhatsApp.

Send Full Resolution Images on WhatsApp

Send Full Resolution Images on WhatsApp,

Have you paid attention when you send any pic or image on WhatsApp, it gets compressed by WhatsApp? Well, generally not and mine too.

What we gonna learn in this post:

  • Why WhatsApp compress images?
  • How to send full resolution images without compression?

Why WhatsApp Compress Image?

Now, when you know that your images get compressed and the image resolution is bad as compared to the original image. The answer to the question why WhatsApp compresses out sent images and photos and they aren’t clear is speed. 

Yes, speed.

Once you have sent your photos or images, the process is very fast and had reached to the receiver. WhatsApp compresses out all sent images because to ensure the images are sent fastly and does not take time to process. And the only reason behind compression and low resolution.

How to Send Full Resolution Images?

Now you know the reason behind the compression and bad quality of your favourite images and pics. But after all this, you can send the full resolution images without losing its quality. You know this and uses this features but aren’t aware of it. 🙂

Follow this step-by-step guide to get rid of this problem:

  1. Open WhatsApp and chat with the person you want to send a photo or image to.
  2. Now tap on the attachment option you generally do.
  3. Instead of selecting gallery, select the document option.
  4. Here, browse the image/pic you want to send selecting “Browse other docs…
  5. It will show you where you want to browse your document(images/photos).

So, that’s all for the guide you need to follow and after this, you’ll be able to send any type of document to anyone.

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