Viewing Blocked URLs of Torrents Websites in India 3 Lakh Fine 3 yrs Jail

Hello Folks,.. Latest Updates come from India’s Cyber Safety Departments, that is Viewing Blocked URLs of Torrents Websites in India. This act also Leads Rs.3 Lakh Fine And 3 yrs Jail.

Today in Digital India, as the torrents and p*rn lovers are scrambling to get their act. Together they has created an uproar around, And realize the harsh truth. #torrent #blockedurls #india #fine.

Are you a Criminal Now?

Viewing Blocked URLs of Torrents Websites in India.

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Government of India in a big way, has intensified its attack against theft and obscene. Any Internet user opens or views that are blocking any URL of any torrent file can be jailed for 3 years, and / or to pay a fine of Rs 3 lakh forced.

Communities across the web are now buzzing with enquirers, as to how can an Indian internet user bypass such draconian laws. and what are the tricks which can save them from a possible jail term.

Viewing Blocked URLs of any internet user in any case any banned or torrent website. then a humble, harmless warning used to try to use.

here is a warning for a blocked website

torrent block

now, this harmless warning has been converted into a direct threat from the Govt., informing the gullible user that now, he can be jailed for three years and forced to pay a fine of Rs 3 lakh


Warning, from now, Indian Copyright Act 1957 would be implied in such cases of violation. And specifically, Section 63, Section 63-A, Section 65 and Section 65-A would be applied against the ‘culprit’. Which means jail and heavy fine.

Considering the fact the the warning clearly mentions the specific sections of Indian Copyright Act, 1957. law enforcement authorities have been given free hand to prosecute and arrest any violators they find.

Be extra safe From Blocked urls.

Dark web professionals based in exotic places banned anyone URL and / or torrent websites (which are banned urls in India.) wants to use, so are suggesting using VPN. However, we have some time to keep away from these banned websites suggests.

Refer to the law are vague, and present dangers are real. In case you access such sites, and then suddenly knocking on your door the next morning to find police officers; So there is not much you can do.

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