Best Summer Accessories To Keep Things Cool And Stylish

The sun is shining brighter and the days have become longer. Yes, summer has arrived! While some of you might not like the hot weather conditions much, you will have to agree that when it comes to fashion, there are a plethora of options for both clothing and accessories.

While planning your wardrobe upgrade, you need to keep things to the point. The pair of square sunglasses that I recently added to my wardrobe has already got me many compliments. However, sunglasses are not the only accessory that you will need.

Read on to know about the accessories that can give your summer fashion some serious upgrade.


Well, sunglasses can’t be classified strictly as a summer accessory as they are needed all year round. It also needs to be noted that they are not just a fashion accessory and provide the necessary function of UV protection, making them a daily essential.

Sunglasses can also help you eliminate glare, provided you go with polarised sunglasses. If you also require eyesight correction, then you should go with prescription sunglasses as they provide the dual function of UV protection and eyesight correction very effectively.

Before giving your wardrobes a sunglasses upgrade, knowing the trends can help big time. No need to worry as we are here to help you out with what is trending this season.

The edgy square sunglasses for men and women are a style spreading around like wildfire. To keep it super trendy, the oversized square sunglasses with sharp curves are certain to make heads turn. Also, watch out for the pairs in pastel shades.

Another hot trend that can be easily spotted all around on the streets is the clear frame sunglasses, which is a contemporary style with an elite appeal. It is the simple yet lucid transparent frames that are the talk of the town.

To keep your sunglasses style game a little offbeat, go for geometric sunglasses. The best contenders for your wardrobes are the frames with asymmetrical sides and sharp angles. The half-rim frames will certainly help here.

And since we are talking about sunglasses trends, aviators too need a mention here. The multiple variants of aviators ensure that they hardly remain out of trend. This summer is a time to experiment. So you have the full freedom to experiment with styles like round and geometric aviators, moving slightly away from those with the classic teardrop structure.

Bags, Purses And Wallets

To keep your stuff organised at a single place, you will need accessories like bags, purses and wallets. Apart from their utility, you should also know that these accessories can be a game changer when it comes to your style.

Something like a backpack becomes crucial if you need to carry a large amount of stuff, especially in cases when you are staying out for a long duration of time. However, look out for ones that are compact and suit your definition of style.

In cases when there is no need to carry much stuff, a wallet will suffice for men. For ladies, there are many options, ranging from a hand purse to a sling bag, among others.


Getting your headwear right can help you get some bonus style points. Hats and caps are both functional and fashionable under the sun. Talking about their utility, they will help you in keeping your head cool and also protect your face from sunburns.

Hats and caps help you stand apart with a bold style statement that is unique to you. For summer, it is high time you move beyond the traditional solid colours like black and navy blue. Instead opt for the ones that match the summer vibes brilliantly. Look out for grey, beige, nude pink, light green, among others.

Bucket hats are trending like never before and are a certain showstopper. You can go for plain colours or also take to floral designs. When it comes to caps, baseball caps are the coolest option for you. You can style hats and caps as per the occasion.

Headwear goes beyond hats and caps. Something like a hair band is not only great for women who are irritated with their hair being all over the place but also for men who like to style a man bun. You should know that a stylish hair band is like an icing to the cake. There are lots of options for both men and women. Just ensure that you choose a colour that is easily noticeable and does not match the colour of your hair.

Ladies, you can also use accessories like scrunchies and clips for your hair. Go for things like nylon scrunchies and butterfly clips, which are in fashion in the present times.


Scarves are one of those fashion accessories that go well both in summer and winter. However, the material requirement changes with the change in seasons. While woollen material is preferred during winters, the best material for scarves worn in summer is silk, and this is also the most stylish option to go with.

While choosing your silk scarves for summer, go for the ones which come designed with various patterns. Well, there are innumerable options, but until and unless it is made out of silk, scarves are bound to give you style game a major boost.


While women have more options here, men don’t have to worry as there are amazing options for them too. The important thing to keep in mind while styling your jewellery for the summer season is that you need to keep it lightweight and easygoing.

A simple necklace without much work on it can be worn by both men and women. A pendant is a lighter option here. Ladies can keep it super stylish by donning statement making earrings. A bracelet is good to go for both men and women. Again, just ensure that you shouldn’t put on anything heavy and keep it minimal.

Here were the summer accessories that you must try this summer to shine even brighter than the summer sun.

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