Smartphone with 4 to 5 Days Battery Life Possible?

Is it possible to make a smartphone with long lasting battery life around 4 to 5 days or a week? This questions come in many of us mind many times, when ever we are going for buying a new cell phone for any of around us, right. So, here we see, it is possible to make smartphone with long life batteries.

Smartphone Battery Life

Question: Why can’t smartphone companies make smartphones with batteries that last 4-5 days?

The answer is, can and does. But how many of us will be able to do our daily routine with such a phone?

You can gain all this by losing few things!!

  • Battery Capacity: 18000 mAh
  • Torch Lite: Not 1 but 2
  • Weight: ~300 grams
  • Camera: 2 MP
  • Selfie Camera: 0.3 MP
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Network: 2G

Hey leave all that, with this phone you can also charge your Apple phone, USB stove also works. Many carry such phones while hiking, as a companion in times of crisis.

You may have found your answer. Battery life is not always the priority of a phone. Apart from that there are many requirements which consume battery and are necessary for people like you. 

Apart from this, the smartphone business runs across the demand of the people. If everyone expresses this need, every company can put such a phone in the market.

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Battery life is relative to phone usage. Internet, Bluetooth, GPS, and other application usage can be found in your phone’s battery information.

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