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The Benefits of Using Managed Hosting for WordPress

Do you already know the benefits of using Managed Hosting for WordPress ? Want to know more? Then continue reading that I explain what it is and how to get yours. If you are a beginner with WordPress you may be wondering “what is a Managed Hosting for WordPress” or “does my website need hosting like this?”

The Benefits of Using Managed Hosting for WordPress

I get a lot of questions from users about whether  managed hosting is better , whether it’s worth the cost and why it’s more expensive than regular hosting.

Returning from my vacation, I prepared this content to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Managed Hosting for WordPress.

I will also teach you what WordPress Managed Hosting is, the differentiators and whether your website really needs this service.

Managed Hosting for WordPress,

What is a WordPress Managed Hosting

If you still don’t know how a Managed Service works, I’ll explain more in this post on the CloudWays blog – Everything you need to know about MSP.  In it you will know how managed services work, the types of services and the importance of the MSP (Managed Service Provider).

When talking about Managed Hosting for WordPress, we mean an outsourced service , where some tasks that your team would do, will now be done by the Hosting company – freeing up time for your team to focus on new business / solutions.

An example is backups . When hosting your application on Cloud Ways, our team automatically prepares snapshots so that you and your team do not worry if you are in trouble.

The managed service also guarantees more security , since it is up to the hosting service. Also ensuring that your team does not worry about optimizing any resource.

The Advantages of WordPress Managed Hosting

The advantages of a managed hosting are many. Going from monitoring the hosting resources to attending technical support – if you use it, of course.

Main services of a WordPress Managed Hosting:

  • Monitoring;
  • Optimization;
  • Migration;
  • Specialized support.

Regarding security :

  • Controlled access;
  • Data encryption (SSL);
  • Anti-Malware Scans;
  • Backups.

Regarding performance :

  • Content Distribution Network; CDN
  • Optimization at the server level;
  • Specific resources (PHP, Nginx, Varnish…).

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Main questions about WordPress Managed Hosting

The Cloudways help thousands of different types of sites. That’s why we created a powerful WordPress Hosting that allows you to reliably manage your sites without worry.

I have prepared some questions and answers about WordPress Managed Hosting .

Do I need managed WordPress hosting to start my website?

The WordPress Managed Hosting service offers a premium hosting environment , specializing in the platform.

This service is recommended for teams that do not want to waste time managing the infrastructure level of the site.

Can I install WooCommerce on managed WordPress hosting?

Yes you can. WooCommerce allows you to add an online store to your WordPress site.

How do I migrate my WordPress site to my new managed WordPress hosting account?

We offer free website migration when hiring Cloudways managed services. Talk to an expert. 

Do you need a Managed Hosting?

I recommend Managed Hosting for a person or company that wants to keep their employees’ time focused on results and new business.

If your website is slow, Managed Hosting is recommended to optimize websites. Another point is the monitoring of resources, where the company notifies any irregular situation on the server.


In summary, there are countless benefits to using WordPress Managed Hosting. In addition to a fast, secure and managed website, this hosting guarantees more time for your team to improve other factors, both on the website and in business.

And if you know another benefit of Managed Hosting, leave it in the comments so I can include it in the content.

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