Google Public DNS vs OpenDNS: Which is Better for A Faster Internet?

Google Public DNS vs OpenDNS: Which is Better for A Faster Internet?,..The number one complaint people have with computers, no matter what operating system, is speed. And part of the problem with the internet is all the outside variables that affect your system speed.

One of the ways you can increase your browsing speed is to change your DNS settings. DNS is what translates into an IP address so your browser can load the site. If your DNS is slow everything will be slow.

Google Public DNS vs OpenDNS: Which is Better for A Faster Internet?

Google Public DNS vs. OpenDNS,

A good DNS server supports both high performance and reliability. Especially on high-traffic networks, DNS servers must handle a significant load of name and address look-ups to support Web browsing, email and other usages.

DNS reliability can vary depending on the provider, and performance can vary depending on a client’s location. Utility program like net bench or GRC DNS Benchmark are available online to help people identify and choose preferred public DNS servers for them based on diagnostic tests.

Do not confuse DNS server name resolution services with domain name registration services. These DNS servers can be accessed from any public Internet d

Well I just found a neat tool that lets you compare DNS providers based on your history. That’s right, they see how long it would take the providers to return the DNS for sites you actually go to.

Here are top free Internet DNS Servers

Google Public DNS

Google operates the world’s largest public DNS service. Launched in December 2009, it supports many billions of DNS queries per day, much of the volume generated from clients outside the U.S. Google Public DNS utilizes servers at IP addresses and The company developed this service as one of its corporate initiatives to make the Internet more accessible and easier for everyone to use, making it a logical choice for users worldwide.


CF Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service Provider

IP addresses and


The oldest of all services on this list, OpenDNS also supports billions of DNS queries per day via its servers operating on and In addition to its basic name resolution service, OpenDNS Home Solutions provides free Web site filtering of adult content (called FamilyShield) and URL spell correction with accompanying installed software. The company also sells various security products to businesses. Those looking for an alternative to Google products and a service that works well outside the U.S. also tend to like OpenDNS.

Mostly using Google’s and

I did some testing (will try to find the page where a proper testing method was explained in just a few steps, to see what was best for me). Google and OpenDNS were at the same level, both much faster than my ISP. But When I switch to Google’s DNS (I’m using OpenDNS right now) in theory websites should load about 4% faster. Since Google’s are so easy to remember, it’s become a sort of habit to use them.

I would go with google or else run my own caching DNS server.

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