New Parliament Building of India by HCP Design Planning and Management


Concept Design

The trinity of functions – Lok Sabha (the Lower House), Rajya Sabha (the Upper House), and Central Lounge – also work efficiently within the triangular plan.


Exterior Architecture

Sandstone jalis inspired by the architectural crafts of India shade the first-floor verandahs while decorative jalis in the interiors allow natural light to illuminate the spaces.


Blueprint of the building

The design is inspired by the present Parliament building, the construction crafts of India, India’s national symbols, and the other buildings at Central Vista.


Lok Sabha House

The Lok Sabha Chamber carries the green color scheme of the present building forward and uses the forms and motifs of the national bird, the peacock.


Lok Sabha House

The use of national symbols and motifs gives identity and unifies a diverse population.

A triangular building allows for the most efficient use of available space.


Rajya Sabha House

The Rajya Sabha chamber continues the red colour scheme and uses the motif of the national flower, the lotus.

Three artistic elements at the center of the Constitution Hall connect the date and time.

Creative Ceiling & Flooring Design

A Foucault’s Pendulum is suspended from the ceiling of the Constitution Hall. The movement of the pendulum with respect to the rotation of the Earth symbolizes the passage of time. Its path is marked with brass inlay work on the floor depicting Delhi’s location within the cosmos, and the cardinal points.

A large skylight at the top is framed by decorative ceiling panels that show an artistic representation of the night sky of 26 January 1950.

Along with essential facilities, the building also includes publicly accessible museum-grade galleries and exhibits.

Museum Gallery

The courtyard is planted with a Banyan tree, the national tree. The jalis along the corridor that encircle the courtyard represent trees from all parts of India.

The Courtyard

The design incorporates state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to assist Parliamentary functions. Furniture in the halls includes smart displays and biometrics for ease of voting.

Infrastructure And Technology

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