Things to Consider Before Fixing Your Dirt Bike

If there are any that exist, few words can describe the ‘fun factor’ associated with riding off-road on a dirt bike. As you explore new trails while taking in epic landscapes, there is always a new challenge to conquer on the gnarly, rocky, sandy, or wet clay terrains; and the thrill of getting lost in the jungle. Getting onto a dirt bike and circumnavigating the ‘wilderness’ where you get to create your path comes with a lot of freedom.

Notably, owning a dirt bike, especially if you are going to encounter lots of breathtaking adventures in the middle of nowhere, demands constant maintenance. Therefore, learning how your machine works and fixing the minor stuff that does not need riding into a motorsports shop can save you lots of dollars. Unraveled in the subsequent paragraphs are factors to consider before fixing your dirt bike.

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Delineate what can be tackled at home and what needs a mechanic

If you are an ardent dirt bike rider, getting dirty with routine maintenance needs such as oil changes, tire changes, chain lubing, and fluid checks should never be a big issue. If you cannot do the obvious such as making a tire change, you should just stay off the bike and perhaps consider golfing. Relying too much on mechanics for the obvious such as a tire change, can catch up with you on one of those rough rides where every other member of your crew wants to keep moving before dusk with fewer distractions.

If you are new to riding hence lack the confidence to check the air filters or get your hands on more technical stuff like valve clearance. You should progressively learn how to perform minor routine maintenance at home. You will derive a lot of satisfaction from fixing your dirt bike. 

Despite being a passionate bike owner with knowledge of how to get around most maintenance issues. No one will criticize you for visiting a mechanic on those problems you have second guesses about, such as cylinder issues, clutch replacements, replacing broken pipes, or changing the brake fluid. Do not fix anything you are not comfortable with as that risks damaging your bike.

Have enough trustworthy information on your bike’s parts

According to Tokyo Mods, dirt bike spare parts and accessories are an integral part of not only an enthusiastic rider’s regular maintenance routine but also an ongoing upgrade mission. Consequently, if you lack credible information on your dirt bike’s parts, you will likely experience a hard time making the right buying decisions. Take an instance whereby you need to match the right oil with the suitable component.

When purchasing dirt bike oil, one can get overwhelmed with a plethora of varieties in the market available for dirt bikes. The wrong choice of oil could potentially affect the durability and performance of your dirt bike. Thus to always make the right choice on whether to opt for a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke dirt bike oil, it is best to consult the bike’s manual.

On the other hand, if you are an aggressive rider in the quest for endurance in harsh conditions hence need to pick the right chain and sprocket kit, you must be familiar with the size of your dirt bike’s chain and sprocket.

Have the right toolkit

Having the right set of tools ensures that your routine riding unfolds seamlessly without any hitch and lets you get things done during your regular maintenance routines. For regular maintenance and repair, many parts of your dirt bike are likely to demand a variety of Allen keys, screwdrivers, sockets, wrenches, spanners, and much more. Despite owning a detailing toolbox proving extremely beneficial at any given time. You do not have to own everything tool you can ever think of at once. Instead, you should upgrade your toolbox over time as you improve your DIY skills.

Safety first!

It is easy to get hurt when fixing your dirt bike. It is also easy to keep safe while repairing your machine in the garage or outdoors by investing in the right protective gear. This includes a pair of safety glasses to shield against any flying debris, gloves to protect the hands and palms while running different tools, and safety boots to protect the feet against any falling objects. In summa, before you consider fixing your dirt bike, you need to distinguish between the issues you will solve yourself and those needing a mechanic. Have a proper mastery of your bike’s parts, pick the right toolkit for the job, and invest in safety gear.

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