Ola S1 Pro Public Review

Ola S1 Pro user review OLA S1 Pro is an High electric scooter available at an On-road starting price of Rs. 1,27K in India. It is available in only 1 variant and 10 colors. OLA S1 Pro generates 5500 W power from its motor. With both front and rear disc brakes, OLA S1 Pro comes up with a combined braking system of both wheels.

S1 Pro key Specification
Riding Range181 Km
Top Speed115 Kmph
Kerb Weight125 kg
Battery charging time6.30 Hrs
Rated Power5500 W
Seat Height792 mm

User review

1. Suspension: Really great, takes speed breakers easily witho even you knowing! Couldn’t test in on broken roads as the road where test drive is going on is smooth!

2. Seat: I had my friend as a pillion, the seat is so so so wide and the comfort is next level!

3. Handling: Took me a while ti figure out as this is me first time riding EV, also the regeneration braking is such a pain especially in turns, will take some time for me.

4. Torque: I could not unleash it to the peak due to road traffic, but the throttle response in sports and hyper mode is unreal, nothing comes close to it ( in terms of other ev and petrol scooters in the market )

5. Headlight: not the best, but improved from what we all saw at the leak.

6. Horn: Good

7. Comfort: More than my mastero or any other petrol scooter i have ridden, that all I can say.

8. Acceleration: I felt the same lag in normal mode as Rounak Baral said earlier, though nothing such is sports and hyper mode.

9. boot space: easily two helmets fit in.

10. Design: I feel it’s great as the scooter is a family thing so even if your lady member drive it will suit them due to cute look of the scooter.

11. OLA S1 Pro is priced at Rs. 1,27,667.

12. Top speed of 115 Kmph.

13. Full Charging range of 181 Km.

14. Charging Time 6.30 Hrs hours to full charge.

15. Fast charger time 15 min for 70%.

16. Colour options of OLA S1 Pro – OLA S1 Pro is available in 10 colours which are Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, White, Grey, Bidge, Dark Blue and Dark Grey.

17. Manufacturer Warranty – Battery warranty 3 Year.

18. S1 Pro weighs 125 kgs.

19.Available with Reverse Gear.

20. Wheel Size12 inch.

Running Cost

Average running cost for OLA S1 Pro is ₹0.22 per km

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