What are the problems of Tata Harrier?

The car is a head turner and a lot of people have asked me about it. People even on the red lights sitting in their cars have asked me about the car which is really impressive. If you need a car that drives okish but should have a lot of features then go for the kia seltos. But if you need a car that has drivability and performance than go for the harrier

All the drive modes be it sport ,eco and city will make you feel in the accelerator that its no dummy but real performance tweakers. All the terrain modes will make the suspensions softer and harder according to the driving conditions.

What are the problems of Tata Harrier?

Tata Harrier car Problems and complains,

Some minor glitches & adjustments expected in the new addition:

The large orvm’s makes it a blind spot and you would be feeling it a lot.

The jbl 9 speaker system is killer but you will have to get it tuned again in the showroom because sometimes the sound gets a bit not up to the mark.

The seat adjustment is manual and should have been electrically adjustable.

The infotainment system could have been better.

Electronic Seat Adjustment.

More Space for Accessories near Gear box.

Sunroof (even though it doesn’t make sense)

Dashboard front-cam

Giant A-pillar. Safety-wise makes sense but for visibility, not so much. You can literally hide a small hatchback/person behind it.

As ovrm is also big you have a very limited vision through your driver side window as well. So it leaves a huge blind spot.

Taking U-turns or hard right turns is very difficult, one needs to be very careful and dead slow.

If you are cruising over 100 then big ovrm will make loud wind noises which are clearly audible in the cabin. I love the sound when the engine roars but wind noise is irritating.

The driver side door speaker tends to make vibrating noises on high volumes (don’t know if this holds true for all harriers).

The infotainment system can get stuck. It happened twice with me.


Also honourably mentioning that the services given by the tata crm team is really the best . They will call you for feedback as soon as you get anything done to your car. If it is not satisfactory to you they will literally get it resolved the same day.

But let me tell you one thing, don’t buy Hector or Kia instead go for Tata Harrier because I can tell you that this is a beast and its a head turner. Hector or Kia can give you features but Harrier can give you feel of a real SUV.

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