How to Increase Web Traffic to Your New Blog or Website?

Hello Folks,….. How to Increase Web Traffic to Your New Blog or Website is one of the most challenging task for any new blogger is to get traffic to his blog.

No matter how good the content is, you will not get traffic until you take some initiatives. Today, I will tell you how you can start increase web traffic to your new blog.

Just to make sure we are playing on a level field, I will not tell any techniques from a established blogger’s point of view, but from the point of a fresh blogger with no reputation and backlinks to his blog. But before I tell you about increase web traffic, lets have a look and different types of traffic.

How to Increase Web Traffic to Your New Blog or Website?

Types of Traffic

Traffic can be categorized into multiple types. I typically divide it into 4 major categories. Today I am going to tell you how you can get traffic from each of these categories. The 4 categories are Social, Referral, Organic and Direct Traffic.

  • Social- This is the traffic you get when your content is shared in Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus ,StumbleUpon etc.
  • Referral: When you get traffic through a link placed in some other website.
  • Organic: Organic traffic is the traffic that search engines send to you when someone searches on the Search engines like Google, Bing etc  How to Submit URL to Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask
  • Direct Traffic: This is the traffic you get when someone directly types your URL on their browsers. I even call the traffic which I get from my email list also a kind of Direct Traffic.

Now that you are aware of different types of traffic, lets see how you can utilize each of them to get traffic to your new blog?

Lets say today is the day 1 of your blog. You have just posted your first post. Here is how you should go about getting traffic to your blog using various traffic types:

Step 1- Get Social Traffic

One of the best way to increase web traffic is using the social media. The social media doesn’t discriminates the young blogs and only values the content. Follow these steps to get social media traffic.

a) Request Friends Some of my initial traffic came by requesting my friends in social media to promote my content. When I launch a new blog, I request my friends and followers on Facebook, twitter and Google+ to share my content.

I also create a Facebook page for my new blog. I personally message them and tell them how grateful I am for their support. As these are your friends, they might not be highly interested in your blog but they are always interested to help you. So they normally share the content with their friends who might be interested in my Niche. This step helps me get first 1000 visitors to my blog.

b) Paid Traffic on Facebook Once my social media pages gets some likes/followers from friends and friends of friends, I start with a Facebook promotion of my Page and Posts, keeping the budget to bare minimum. This helps me increase my subscriber base to few thousand. Whenever I post anything on Facebook, these subscribers visits it, likes it and shares it.

c) Post Viral Content on Facebook I don’t keep my Facebook posts limited to updating only when I publish a  blog post. Instead, I post 6 times every day in fixed interval of 4 hours on Facebook. Each time I post some viral content, it gets shared by my loyal subscribers on their timeline which brings me more traffic and likers on Facebook.

Thus my Facebook followers base keeps on increasing. You might be wondering how I can post continuously for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Don’t I have to sleep or do anything else. Well the secret lies in a Facebook feature called Post Scheduler. It’s an inbuilt feature of Facebook pages where you can schedule your posts in Advance. So I schedule 42 posts in advance by working Just 2 hours in a week.

d) Get Twitter Followers The Next thing I do is to Post on my Twitter account. Although I have a huge twitter followers base (19,000+) which sends me more than 1000 visitors every time I post but I started at scratch just like you. The easiest way to get twitter followers is to Follow people in your niche. 50% of those people follow you back.

Than you just have to keep them engaged. But doing this again manually is a very tiring and time consuming task. Here also I use and automatic software named Tweet Adder which helps me search people in my niche, follow them automatically and also post automatically.

e) Other Social Media : There are other social media which you can choose based on your niche. You can share viral content on StumbleUpon, Reddit or Digg which, if successful, will send you 100,000 visitors in a single day. You can use LinkedIn if you have a blog related to professionals or career. I have personally had some success with StumbleUpon but never been consistent with that. You can try your luck

Step 2- Get Referral Traffic

Referral media is the links placed on websites that increase web traffic back to your website. It can serve two purposes:

1- It can send traffic to you

2- It can provide valuable do-follow back links which will improve your Google ranking. I will talk about this later when we discuss Organic Traffic

So how do you place referral links? Here are some places which you could use:

a) Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a very popular community and can increase web traffic. All you need to do is find good questions in your niche and post a good answers to them with a link back to your website. Your answer should be good enough to be chosen best by the users.

b) Forums

There are many forums where you can post answers with links to your website. Some example are Google Forums, WordPress Forum, WarriorForum etc. Search some forums on your niche and regularly post on them

c) Guest Posting


d) Commenting on Other Blogs

This is another method which can give you decent increase web traffic. Comment on other blogs in your niche. When readers read it, they might click on your link and reach your website. Some bloggers have a widget of Top Commentor also in their blog. Your name will be highlighted here if you comment a lot on that blog and can drive crazy traffic to your blog.

Step 3- Get Organic Traffic

The two steps I mentioned above will give you quick initial traffic, but it will always be organic traffic that will ensure the success of your blog. Most of the successful blogs receive 60% of their traffic organically. Increase Search Engine Traffic by Getting Your Site Re crawled More Often

One catch with organic traffic is that you wont get traffic for first few months as your website need to build a reputation with Google and other search engines. Here is how you can do the groundwork to get Organic Traffic.Best Directories to Submit Website for Better Crawling and Indexing

a) Create Your Google Webmasters Account and Submit Sitemap

Before I tell you about webmaster, you should know what a sitemap is. It is a table of content of your website that a search engine like Google refers to for indexing your website. It is important that each and every page/post of your blog is indexed with Google as it will only appear in search results after that.

Google Webmasters is a tool to submit your sitemap and check if there are any errors in it. Although you can also submit your sitemap without having a Webmasters account but having an account will enable you to also monitor your indexing. For generating a sitemap, I use a Free software called Google XML Sitemaps which automatically generates sitemaps and submits it to various search engines regularly.

b) Create DoFollow Backlinks

Before going to how to get DoFollow Backlinks let us look at what term Backlinks and DoFollow means.

Backlink- When some website has a link , which if clicked, opens your blog, its called a Backlink. It is the most important factors that Search engine uses to rank your website.

DoFollow: Now this link could be a DoFollow or NoFollow as per the preference set by the owner of website. If its a NoFollow link, than when the Google robot will crawl this website it wont deep dive in this link and thus wont link it to your website. On the other hand, if DoFollow is enabled, the Google Robot will check which website this link refers to and will thus validate the Backlink.

DoFollow Backlink: So a DoFollow Backlink becomes kind of a reference check for your website. If the website which is giving you a DoFollow Backlink has a high Page Rank with Google, your website will automatically gain a better ranking with Google. The more the websites link back to you the better the ranking will get.

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Now the Question Comes: How to build backlinks even after you find good ranking DoFollow websites?

Obviously, no good website will  Backlink to a blog (which has come out of nowhere). But you can get initial backlinks by commenting on these blogs/Website.

c) Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a vast term which could not be covered in depth here. But one thing we surely need to take care is the keywords we use and their density. Google penalizes a keyword density of more than 2. You also need to select keywords with lower competition and higher searches per month. To measure the density of my keywords I use a free software called Keyword Density Checker.


Step 4: Get Direct Traffic

Last but not the least, you will need to get direct traffic to your blog. This will happen once you have established your blog as a brand and have built a huge email list. Your direct traffic will come when people will type your blog address directly, as they want to learn something new or when your auto responder will send them a mail that you have posted a new article.

These might contribute to less than 10% of your total traffic, but these will be increase web traffic. These will be returning visitors. These will be people with intent to buy things you recommend. Thus this Direct Traffic is the most valuable form of traffic for any blogger.

For getting subscribers to your blog, you will need to start building your list. You need to get an autoresponder. I have always recommended Aweber for its 99% percent inbox reaching rate which is essential for any email list.

For creating a brand name that users directly type you need a easy and simple brand name (Kadva Corp).

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I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. It will definitely help clearing your doubts on how to increase web traffic to your blog. Feel free to comment below if you have any queries. I will write back to you.

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