Experienced techniques to get Rid of Writer’s Block

If you are the true blogger, you like to write,…But topic does not end here! Every blogger likes to write, but there’s one thing which does not allow us to write.

That’s called Writer’s Block! While Writing an article, if you feel like you can’t think what to write, or are just unable to write an article, you’re facing writer’s block.

Experienced techniques to get Rid of Writer’s Block

Experienced techniques to get Rid of Writer’s Block-
Experienced techniques to get Rid of Writer’s Block-

There are many causes of writer’s block which will not allow you to write good articles. Here in this detailed article, I will tell you everything about writer’s block as a blogger and will give you perfect techniques to get rid of writer’s block.

What causes writer’s block?

First of all, let me tell you about the causes of the Writer’s block. And yes, you must accept that Writer’s block is all in your head!

If you think that you are perfect, and you can write article/blog post without getting Writer’s block, you will.

Tension – If you have a tension of something or pressure of work or some personal problem due to which you are feeling tensed, you’ll not be able to write. The best cure would be to start working without thinking about the problems much.

Don’t try to be Perfect! – Many bloggers give more important to SEO optimization of the article. Due to which, they try to make a perfect article which is not the solution, yet, they face writer’s block because they are thinking to optimize the article as well as they want to write the article perfectly!

Distractions – The biggest Distraction for any Blogger is social media! On an Average, the Normal person passes 1-2 hours a day on social media. In the case of us(bloggers), We give about 5-6 hours a day for social media.
It also distracts us while writing article/blog post for our blog. So, if you are addicted to social media, you’ll face writer’s block.

There are many causes of Writer’s block, but these two causes are common if you are a blogger.

While writing an article, don’t think about the problems you are facing nor think about optimizing the article for the search engine.

Here are all causes of Writer’s block in brief…

If you think that the above-given reasons for writer’s block are the one you face, it’s easy to get rid of Writer’s block for you.

Let me now tell you how to get rid of Writer’s block in detail.

Kick Out the Distractions

One of the biggest distraction we have is Social media. Every blogger gives a lot of time to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for nothing.

What we are supposed to do is to generate content for our blog and share it on social media or making paid advertising campaigns on social media to get some extra affiliate sales but what we exactly do is just chat with friends about how blogging is going on.

If we think to optimize, We can shrink a time to 1-2 hours a day for social media. Now let me tell you how to do so.

1. Ban Social Networking Sites

Yes, you can! Here I’ve one Chrome Extension, which will help you to do so. It’s StayFocused.

Once you install StayFocused, you’ll get such dashboard by clicking on the extension’s icon. You can set the Max time allowed to access any site.

By default, it will be 10 minutes, and you can change it to 60 minutes or 120 minutes or whatever you want.

To block any site, you can just visit the site you want to block and click on the Icon. Or you can block the site from Dashboard as given blow.

After blocking any site, you will be able to visit the site for a specific time only in a day. Still, if you are Over-Addicted to social media, you’ll access the sites by Uninstalling the Extension.

But, try not to visit the site as the plugin is helping you to not to open social networking or any other addictive site which sucks your time.

If you are daring enough to not to open social networking sites without work, you’re like me! I got success in getting rid of social media distraction. You can do so too!

2. Peaceful Environment

Other than social media, The environment in which you work matters too!

If you are working in the peaceful place with some slow music, you will not face Much writer’s block.

Also, you can Listen to to make yourself feel calm and peaceful. It’s the tool that will help you to stay focused on your work ignoring the distraction caused by unwanted noise.

Here’s how it works.

It will make you feel like you are in woods. Other than selecting the Default Settings for productivity or Relax, you can modify it as you want.

It’s easy to know how it works. Just visit the and you’ll like it.

Even if there is a lot of Distraction caused by noise, with good headphones and, you’ll be free of the Distraction.

If you just want to write notes or your article is just text based, also providesDistraction-free free text editor. You’ll enjoy it.

So, this is how you can be in the State where you just have to work and do nothing else. It will make you productive and will also help you to get out of the Writer’s block and think about the topic you are writing.

Now, Let me give you other Tips to get rid of Writer’s block.

Stick to the topic

Once you start writing the article, Just stick to it and don’t leave it until it is done.

This is what I do while writing articles. Once I start, I just stick to it and write each and everything I know about the topic I want to explain.

What your aim should be to write everything you know about the topic you are writing. You can use voice to Text tools so that you can write while speaking. It will help you to make the article look natural.

One more thing you can do is not to Over-optimize the content you are generating for SEO. This is what you can do to Write perfect Search engine optimized article according to my experience.

  • Use the Targeted keyword once in the Title.
  • Use the Targeted keyword once in the URL (Permalink).
  • Use the Targeted keyword once in the meta description of the article.
  • Don’t care to enter the same keyword in the content if it does not fit in.
  • Write related to the topic and try to help Visitors regarding their problem.

So, this is how you can perfectly optimize the content according to me. Try to write for your regular readers and not the search engines.

Make Article Structure before getting started!

Before getting started with the article, you should know the format of the piece of content you are going to write.

The structure includes the heading of the article, Introduction, Subheadings (H2), Subheadings under subheadings (H3), End of the article.

I will make the detailed article regarding this topic, about making the format of any article before getting started with it.

Before writing article, you should be aware of what you are going to write in the article, Subheadings should be defined.

It is because, if you decide Sub-headings while writing an article, you’ll ruin the quality of the article.

While writing about the specific point in the article, don’t think about other Sub-topics or points you are going to write or you’ve already written.

In the case of Writer’s block, It will release your mind to think about the other topics. You’ll write about the specific topic without caring about other subjects.

Conclusion: Writer’s block is very dangerous because it stops us to do your work. I’ve faced it when I was just getting started with blogging because at that time I was not having much knowledge about blogging as well as I was doing wrong by Optimizing the articles for the search engine so that they can rank for the targeted keywords.

Later on, I Realized that Writing articles for the search engine do not perform Good in search engines in comparison with Articles written for users.

These are the techniques that helped me to get Rid of Writer’s Block. It will help you too! If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can surely comment them down so that I can help you. Share this with your friends on social media to help me spread the word.

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