Social Media Traffic : These 10 Sites Will Drive Thousands Of Visitors Everyday

Social Media Marketing is a great way to promote you business, and blog or website. Because social media platforms can send you a massive amount of social media traffic.

Some social sites can give you instant social media traffic after publishing your contents on it.

There is a great list of social media websites on the internet. And here I’m sharing top 10 social media sites for drive instant traffic.

Social Media Traffic : These 10 Sites Will Drive Thousands Of Visitors Everyday

Social Media Traffic : These 10 Sites Will Drive Thousands Of Visitors Everyday kadva
Social Media Traffic : These 10 Sites Will Drive Thousands Of Visitors Everyday kadva

If you regular post and share your articles and content on these social platforms. Then it can give you a good organic traffic because only Google can’t give your site a regular or required traffic.

1} Facebook 

Facebook is now the 2nd most visited website in the world. Every day millions of new users are joining Facebook.

After launching in 2004 Facebook has changed the way to communicate and share the ideas, information’s, images, and messages around the world.

You may use Facebook for drive more traffic to your blog and website. Use your FB account for promoting your content, images, blog post’s, business products, services etc.

Share your all contents regularly with your all Facebook friends.

Create a Facebook page and promote it in your friend’s circle and with others. Facebook also provide an option for promoting your FB page, Blog/Website posts and business products or services.

2} Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging platform and the 2nd most popular social site in the world. Twitter gives you the option to express your message in 140 words.

Create a twitter account and start sharing your contents and drive traffic.

3} Google Plus ( No Longer Available )

Google Plus is a social platform owned by Google itself. Google+ is a good way to drive traffic and get high-ranking in the Google search.

So now it’s more important and useful to share your all post’s and articles on Google plus. Google plus also helps its users to get high author rank.

So popularity on Google plus can give your blog a massive traffic.

4} Youtube

Another search engine owned by Google YouTube is most popular video sharing website in the world. Now you can share your videos with 825 million YouTube users World-Wide. You just need a Google account to create an account on YouTube.

Share your videos, tutorials, stories online and generate a good amount of traffic to your blog/ website. And get a High PR backlink to your site.

5} LinkedIn is more than a social site

LinkedIn is most famous professionals network on the internet and has more than 400 million active users at the present time.

LinkedIn has a more genuine web traffic compare than other social sites. Because it’s being used by professionals who is having their business, working or looking for work.

You can create a business page for your business and drive genuine traffic.

6} Pinterest

Pinterest is the most popular Images sharing website in the world. According to some tech professionals,Pinterest can drive more traffic than some other social networks.

Pinterest gives you the option to pin your blog images and share it with others to drive traffic.

7} StumbleUpon Now MIX

StumbleUpon Now Mix is a popular social bookmarking platform. StumbleUpon has more than 62 million active users.

This bookmarking site provides you a great way to promote your contents. StumbleUpon can be a good source for drive traffic to your business.

8} Digg

Digg is an another social bookmarking site and Digg was the more famous bookmarking site on the internet before coming to Reddit.

If you have some viral contents then this bookmarking site can help you to generate some extra traffic.

9} Reddit

Nowadays Reddit has become the most traffic driver bookmarking site. If you are writing some great viral contents or post’s then Reddit can give you instant traffic.

Make sure you select the right category to right contents and publish it at the right time.

10} Delicious

Delicious is the top social bookmarking site on Internet. It has around 10 million active users. Submission of articles and contents in very easy and quick on the site.

Del-icio-us allow its users to share and link articles to their groups. Just choose an ideal topic related to your contents.

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