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We all know Reddit Community, a social sharing web forum, But today, we have to discuss about Reddit Alternative for many of other reasons. Reddit is quite mighty, Because many of getting banned, or getting in spam filter. But all bloggers love to Reddit community for their capability, To generate enormous web traffic. At a time of abandoned by Reddit, bellow listed Reddit alternatives are the best source for your blog or website social sharing. Also, useful Reddit alternative for drawn social traffic for blog.

Best Reddit Alternative


Reddit before Reddit Alternative.

Digg is a news aggregator with a curated front page, aiming to select stories specifically for the Internet audience such as science, trending political issues, and viral Internet issues.

It was launched in its current form on July 31, 2012, with support for sharing content to other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

It formerly had been a very popular social news website, allowing people to vote web content up or down, called digging and burying, respectively.

Quantcast had estimated Digg’s monthly U.S. unique visits at 3.8 million. Digg’s popularity prompted the creation of similar social networking sites with story submission and voting systems such as Reddit


All of Reddit’s pictures get posted here anyway.

The company was started in Athens, Ohio as Alan Schaaf’s side project, as he attended Ohio University for computer science.

The Reddit Alternative service, which the creator describes as “an image hosting service that doesn’t suck”, was created as a response to the usability problems encountered in similar services.

Originally designed as a gift to the online community of Reddit, it took off almost instantly, jumping from a thousand hits per day to a million total page views in the first five months.

The website became widely recognized following, its rise to popularity on social news websites such as Reddit and Digg

A Reddit Alternative that promises not to sellout.

Started in April 2014 as Whoa Verse, the website was initially a hobby project by a B.Sc student, Atif Colo, who was later joined by Justin Chastain.

The website has become Reddit alternative, with a focus on freedom of expression. In the beginning of 2015, Whoa Verse changed its name to Voat for ease of use.

A place for thoughtful ideas and discussions with Reddit Alternative quality.

Hubski was built by Mark Katakowski to provide a website community for sharing thoughtful information and conversation.

A month after creating the site, he was joined by Steve Clausnitzer, another Ann Arbor resident. Many people compare Hubski to Reddit, Hacker News, and other news aggregators.

In addition to sharing content from around the web, users are encouraged to share their own original content. Hubski started out as a clone of Hacker News, and is still written in Arc, the dialect of Lisp created by Paul Graham

A community of web communities.


Links submitted by the people, for the people. Empeopled was launched in 2011 by William Howe and Aris George Michalopoulos. It is based in Chicago, I.L. Empeopled is an online social platform connecting people through high-quality conversations about their shared interests.

It serves as a merit-based filter for whom and what users want to know on the Internet. It is a uniquely transparent path to getting recognition and being heard.

In order to dynamically maintain the quality of conversation, its community votes to decide its moderators, rules, and even its future features.


Express yourself with like minded individuals. Daily showcase of the most awesome & viral posts from votable com.

Organic Traffic Increase Tips,

Get in the moment updates for your favorite games, movies. Discover what you love find new things that you enjoy. Make new friends based on interests. Be heard. Gain influence, have your voice heard within the community.

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