Top Advertising WordPress Plugins For your Blog

It’s very difficult to monetize a WordPress blog, Because you need to put your ads at the right place, so they can grab maximum attention of readers, I am sharing few WordPress Plugins for making this activity little easier for you. There are many spaces available on any blog, which you can sell to advertisers for  promoting affiliate products, digital or physical, CPA offers and even more.


Top Advertising WordPress Plugins For your Blog
Top Advertising WordPress Plugins For your Blog

To be honest the best monetization strategy for any blog is selling your own products. Monetizing your blog is key to your blogging motivation.

If you have any premium theme then it’s easy to place ads on your blog layout, because premium theme provides many option’s to place ads on different place, If don’t have premium theme then use below WordPress Plugins.

1. Ad Injection : – This is one my favorite WordPress plugin for Monetize blog, because its provide me lots of options for different kind of ad formats. Whether text or banner ads, Ad Injection will help you place them at the right place.

The best thing about Ad Injection is, you can insert Google Adsense ads, Amazon Associates Ads, any ads or your own. One more thing doesn’t start to include too many ads on a blog, because they will decrease the worth of each ad, that means lower earnings.

2. Easy Ads : -Easy Ads provide very easy interface to work with different ad providers on your blog. Currently Easy Ads support, BidVertiser, Media,. Google Adsense.

The one thing which I like About this plugin is, you can place your ads inside the content of your posts (beginning, middle, end) and it is quite flexible.

[update: Easy Ads plugin has been deleted from WordPress plugin gallery, after the owner started popping his own ads on sites which installed this plugin]

3.Wp-Insert :- Wp-Insert is one of the most easiest and most powerful ad management plugin for available for WP blog owners.The best thing about this Plugins is you can manage your,google analytics,blog editing,feeds and even you can edit your Theme.

4. BuySellAds : – Well now days BuySellAds is becoming the most popular way to Monetize WordPress blog after Google Adsense. BuySellAds WordPress plugin is officially Created by, Which provide its user’s  two kinds of options (Your blog must be approved by BuySellAds) :

  • Use Widgets
  • Manually insert a single function.

This plugin give you options to put your ads in sidebar widget or even in posts/ pages.

5. WP125 :- If you have not been approved by BuySellAds and want to show ads which look similar to them, then this plugin is for you. WP125 plugin displays 125×125 button ads easily and manage your ads more efficiently. This plugin also tracks how many people clicked on your ads and this plugin can also display ads in manual or random order.

6.WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin :-WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin is a premium plugin which allow you to sell digital products like ebooks, online services, or any other service which Webmaster Offer to its readers.This is a must have plugin if you have you own product to sell.By using this plugin you can set up your different products and categorize them to separate categories.

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