How To Approve Adsense Account Login From Google For New Blog

If you are a interested in making money out of your blogging career and earned your lives, you have come to a perfect place because here we see How To Approve Adsense Account Login From Google For New Blog.

New Blog Get Easy Approve Adsense account from Google is some how difficult task but not impossible. For getting approve adsense account you have to taken some considerations and follow adsense Google guide line very strictly.

For many bloggers, Google Adsense is the number one money maker, mine included. Google Adsense is a brilliant advertising solution, in that it caters adds to your content and can be styled to blend into your website and content.

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Tips To Approve Adsense Account

In the early days of Adsense, getting Approve Adsense account was easy. Today though, with the number of websites applying and the high percentage of “shady” sites, Google’s Approve Adsense account process is a great deal more stringent.

I’ve personally received numerous emails from people asking me to help determine why their site was rejected. I’ve compiled that information below.

While I certainly can’t guarantee you’ll be Approve Adsense account, if you follow the tips below,  your chances for being approved will be very high comply with the terms of service,

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Whey you apply for an Approve Adsense account, you’ll be asked to read over and agree to comply with the terms of service. Violating the Adsense terms of service is a main reason many sites get rejected.

In a nutshell, your blog has to be legit, offer unique and non-copyrighted content, and be generally favorable to the majority of the population.

The last one there is a bit tricky, but think of it this way – Is your site something that you would feel comfortable showing out in public to people at say the local mall?  If not, it probably won’t be approved (i.e. think porn sites).

Many of us, yours truly included, often skip over the “fine print”. Don’t make that mistake here. Read over and understand the terms in detail. While it’s certainly bad to get rejected when you apply, getting cancelled once you’re earning $1000 or more a month from Adsense due to a TOS violation is far worse.

Can you sayOuch in a big way? One critical item here, you have to have a disclaimer and privacy policy page(or pages) on your blog. Approve Adsense account will look for these, so have them before you apply.

Site Quality For Approve Adsense Account :

  • For the sites I get asked to look at, this is the number one reason.
  • Google works hard to brand their advertising network high in the ranks, and they want their network associated with high quality and professional looking sites.
  • Trust me, they do individually look at your site and looks do matter.

Things To Address Before Submit Application For Approve Adsense Account :

  • Run a professional and nice looking theme (not scammy or spammy looking) – I’m partial to Thesis myself, but there are many others.
  • Make sure your blog is easy to navigate and user friendly
  • Minimize or remove invalid links (no 404s)
  • Have a decent amount of high quality and informative articles written and published.
  • There is no magic number here, but I would say at least 10-20.
  • Include blog images in your posts that complement the content.
  • In sure a good portion of your overall traffic should comes from search engines.
  • As I’ve mentioned here, most clicks to ads come from search engine visitors.  Trust me, Google knows this.
  • Maintain a good reputation – meaning your page ranks should be good, not blacklisting and you have links from other high quality sites (preferably running Adsense).

Double Check Your Application Before Submitting For Approve Adsense Account :

  • This one seems obvious right?  Well, I’ve had a few people that didn’t do this and put either the wrong information or what I considered unprofessional information.
  • One even had an invalid URL for their website.
  • The extension was wrong which led the Adsense reviewers to the wrong site – a not so good site.
  • As you navigate through the screens, review the information you’ve entered 2-3 times and make sure it’s accurate.
  • Also be sure that you professionally represent yourself.
  • The basic rule of thumb I use is: treat your blog as a business, because when you earn money it is.

Remove Adsense Alternatives Before Applying :

You should remove scripts of any adsense alternatives before applying for adsense to make Adsense feel that your website is made only to provide value to your readers so just remove all the alternatives that are placed to generate revenue out of your blog and don’t worry you can use them again just after your adsense application gets approved.

No Copyrighted Material Including Pictures :

Most of the newbies make their article more attractive by getting any image from Google images and attaching them to the post. This should be completely avoided as most of the images available on internet are the property of their creator only.
Always search for the loyalty free images to attach them with your post and don’t hesitate to give image credits wherever required. The alternative good option is if you are good at Photoshop then you can create your own images because even if you have even a single copyrighted material or image then your adsense application will always get disapproved. So, its better to play safe.

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Always Follow The Google’s rules :

As I said earlier, Google is very strict on their Adsense rules, because Adsense is not just a way for you to earning money, beside Adwords is Google’s most primary way to collect revenue. Adsense and Adwords are interconnected to each other. Maximum users uses Google adwords just because they knew that their ads gonna appear on millions of websites who uses Adsense and they can reach to more audience. So, if the adsence users is not following the rules, it will break the trust of the ad publishers and eventually Google will lose its revenue which they never gonna tolerate. Here are some important things you need to keep in your mind while using adsense on your site to prevent your adsense account get disabled.

  • Don’t post or host contents related to hacking, cracking software, piracy etc.
  • Always use your 100% original content.
  • Never use pictures copyrighted by others. Only use royalty free images or create your own image.
  • Never ever click into your own ads or even provoke anyone or anybody to click on your ads. – Google uses very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence program to track user mouse pointer location on the page and using the mouse pointer behavior it decides whether it’s a legit or fake click.
  • Never tell your friends to click on your ads.
  • Don’t use pornographic materials on your site.
  • Don’t use any other ad service on your website while using adsence
  • Don’t put more than 3 ads on any page.

So friends this is all i have to share with my fellow bloggers those who are interested in Approve Adsense account from Google.


  • Heloo Sir If you don’t mind can I ask you something that when I apply for AdSense then error must be show that [url is not available for signup ..? can you please tell me what is mean ?

  • My ad sense application has been rejected numerous times, I have verified ownership with google webmaster code and rewritten up to 300 words per website page, but each time I get reason for rejection as insufficient content. I do not know what to change or add to the copy I have written. my website is

    Matt Halpin

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