Short on cash? Manage Wisely with IndusInd Bank Instant Credit Card

Imagine walking into a store with your friends, and your eyes fixate on a beautiful pair of limited edition shoes. You slide your hands into your pocket and find no cash in your wallet. But you take your credit card, swipe it, collect the receipt, and walk out with your favorite goodies.

With recent developments in internet banking, you can get an instant credit card easily. You can apply for a card and get instant credit card approval online in a few minutes. Banks like IndusInd Bank make getting the most of your credit cards even easier by providing various kinds of credit cards tailored for different financial goals.

But with so many perks on credit card payments, you can be tempted to overspend on your credit card. Fortunately, when you get a credit card online with IndusInd Bank, you subscribe to make managing finances easier.

Instant Credit Card,

 Here’s how you can use the IndusInd Bank credit card and manage your finances wisely.

1. Sign Up for Auto-Debit to Pay Your Credit Card Bills

Paying your monthly dues on time is one practice that will keep you from falling into debt. And if you are someone who forgets due dates, IndusInd Bank allows you to set up auto-debit for paying your credit card bills.

When you get a credit card online with IndusInd Bank, you can set up auto-bill payments after a quick credit card approval online. Just fill out the application form for the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) payment. Once you do this, your credit card bill amount will automatically get deducted from your linked bank account.

2. Make Part Payments to Clear Your Dues

 Don’t have the funds to pay your credit card bills in full? Don’t dip into your emergency funds just yet.

IndusInd Bank offers its customers to make part-monthly payments or to repay the minimum due to avoid monthly interest fees accrual. Such on-time repayment can build your credit score and help you avoid late-payment fees. This, in turn, will help you secure added benefits like higher credit limits and more.

3. Get a Loan Against Your Credit Card

Don’t have the finances for emergency purchases? Get a loan against your IndusInd bank credit card instead of asking your loved ones for financial help.

You can get a pre-approved loan against your unused credits with IndusInd Bank. All you need to do is apply for it.

4. Convert Your High-End Purchases into Affordable EMIs

There will be times when you will be short on cash. But that doesn’t mean you must pass on the luxury product you have been eyeing.

With an IndusInd Bank credit card, you can convert your high-end purchases to affordable EMIs. This means you can pay for your purchase with your credit card. Then, you can repay your credit card bill as affordable EMIs, all within 45 days of making a purchase.


IndusInd bank helps you manage your finances with its range of credit cards. You can optimize your credit spending and ensure timely credit card bill payments. If you don’t have an IndusInd Bank credit card, you can get one through the bank’s instant credit card apply feature. All you need to do is pick your credit card based on your spending to get a new credit card, apply, and submit the form. The online credit card approval is quick. And the benefits you earn are unparalleled.

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