10 latest B2B sales promotion ideas to boost business

Looking for B2B promotion ideas that help in improving your business? Want to utilize strategies that enhance your sales and build brand credibility? These are some of the questions we will try to find answers for in the following sections and explore ideas that you can use for sales promotions.

Top 10 Sales Promotion and B2B Marketing Ideas

Sales Promotion Idea #1

Decide About Goals to be Achieved

If you want to improve sales then the first thing you will have to do is define your goals and plan accordingly. In this context, a few of the B2B marketing strategies to consider include:

  • Analyze the number of opportunities that will be required to reach customer acquisition targets.
  • Decide about the total leads that the marketing team needs to generate. Examine the sources from which those leads will be generated, such as through outbound or inbound marketing.

The aim should be to develop a balance among various sales promotion activities that help in improving short-term return on investment and at the same time build brand equity that assists in driving long-term results.

Sales Promotion Idea #2

Harness Your Expertise

You will want your business to be known as an expert in your industry and not just one of the interchangeable vendors that your customers do business with. To get to this position you will have to demonstrate your expertise that relates to real-life problems that your customers are concerned about.

As such, the aim should be to develop informative, resourceful, and useful content that helps in showcasing your professional expertise. The content should:

  • Address issues that customers want to solve.
  • Assist them in achieving their goals.
  • Provide comprehensive answers to common questions customers have such as questions related to pricing, technical issues, etc.

The benefits of publishing such content as part of your B2B marketing initiatives are:

  • Informative content helps in attracting prospects who are not aware of your business while they search for a particular product or service.
  • Sales team can utilize content for the purpose of sending follow up mails to prospects.
  • Good content can be part of your newsletter and help your customers remember your business.
  • Useful content can also be part of paid campaigns you run.

Sales Promotion Idea #3

Trigger Multi-Channel Sales Promotion Campaigns

You need to focus on account-based marketing as one of the B2B marketing essentials and develop a list of accounts, which perfectly match the profile of your desired customers. This way it will become possible to design collaborative sales and marketing campaigns that will help you in reaching out to those organizations.

The aim should be to utilize a multi-layered marketing campaign and allocate resources that focus on the targeted audience. In addition, intensive campaigns are to be developed for important accounts within your targeted audience group. Let us look at the details in the following sections.

Sales Promotion Idea #4

Reach Targeted Audience

a) Marketing Campaigns for Targeted Audience

Here, broader marketing tactics are to be utilized such as:

  • Pay per click advertising.
  • Content syndication.
  • Social media advertising.

b) Campaigns for Account-Based Marketing Audience

Here, apart from the above-mentioned strategies, your organization will have to:

  • Send outreach mails to individuals in targeted accounts with selected job titles.
  • Send direct mail to pre-defined prospects.

For a more valued audience, the marketing and sales promotion tactics, as well as B2B marketing communications, need to be more personalized, including:

  • Phone calls.
  • Direct mails, which are creative and personalized.
  • Email delivery of custom videos.

The aim should be to develop a balance between time spent to engage the best prospects and reaching a good number of prospective customers.

Sales Promotion Idea #5

Utilize Hyper Targeting

Your sales promotion objectives will get a boost when it utilizes hyper-targeting strategies. The aim should be to target people working in particular organizations with certain job titles. Additionally, data is to be used about specific actions they have taken, which point towards their intent and expectations.

Nowadays, there are platforms that allow you to perform such hyper-targeting with relative ease and show your ads to people that you want to focus on. In addition, you can utilize automation software to target prospects based upon actions they have performed on your website. For instance:

  • Prospects can be targeted who live in a certain location.
  • People who work in certain organizations.
  • Organizations that employ certain number of employees.
  • Employees with specific job titles.

Sales Promotion Idea #6

Utilize Video Marketing

The availability of different tools makes it possible to create professional-grade videos for your company and utilize them as part of your marketing and sales initiatives. Videos can be the right medium for sending personalized outreach video emails as well as follow-up emails to other organizations instead of the usual textual content. The benefits of video emails are that:

  • Help your organization break through the monotony of canned textual emails.
  • Humanize and personalize your emails.
  • Say about and show details, which are not possible without being in the same room with a prospect.

Sales Promotion Idea #7

Redo Your Website

Redoing your website will give it a fresh look and feel as well as improve your organization’s brand image. Few of the advantages of renovating your website are:

  • Better design and functionality facilitates conversion optimization and helps in increasing the number of leads the website is able to generate.
  • Proper planning makes it possible for you to concentrate twenty percent of the modifications, which will be producing eighty percent of the results.

Sales Promotion Idea #8

Focus on Customer Needs

Customer visits your website with some purpose, which could be:

  • Get solution for a problem.
  • Find some answers.
  • Contact experts who can solve their problems.

As such, you need to make things easier for your prospective customers by:

  • Provide them the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter, which provides valuable industry insights.
  • Offer white paper that is on a topic which your customers are concerned about.
  • Let them take part in an informative webinar session.

Sales Promotion Idea #9

Utilize Lead Intelligence

In any B2B sales promotion campaign it is necessary to distinguish between sales-ready and sales qualified leads. The latter is a customer who has actually shown buying intent. By utilizing lead intelligence you will be able to properly recognize the intent of a customer and move ahead accordingly.

For instance, if a customer is visiting your website, reading articles, going through case studies, checking the consultation page, and visits our process page then such customer would fall in the category of sales qualified leads. Using automation software such as Hubspot can help you properly qualify leads as well as invest your time in the right manner.

Sales Promotion Idea #10

Get Associated with Industry Organizations

There would be different industry organizations that influence your customers. Thus, your aim should be to leverage such an organization in the best possible manner.

Some of the things you need to do is publish guest posts in reputed industry-related trade journals, focus on co-hosting webinars, and publish research reports in partnership with industry organizations.

This way your company will get better exposure and it will also help to increase the credibility of your organization.


As we can see, there are several options open for you to improve your sales promotion techniques and boost your business. If you are looking for more ideas then get in touch with our experts for strategic consultation on how to utilize unique ideas to improve sales for your B2B business.

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