7 Must-Know YouTube Stats for Marketers

On the fence about diving into YouTube for your brand or company? Not sure if it’s the right time to invest in a YouTube-based marketing campaign?

These YouTube stats will give you an overview of this powerful marketing medium.

1. YouTube has more monthly visitors than Twitter or Facebook. 

Although Facebook still reigns supreme in terms of user accounts, only 76 percent of online adults use the site on a monthly basis. Twitter has an even smaller market share, with only around 40 percent of online adults checking in per month. YouTube? Roughly 85 percent of all adult internet users visit the site at least once every month, resulting in over 1 billion unique visitors.

2. Of the top 200 most-subscribed to YouTube channels, only one is connected to a major retail brand. 

That one brand is Red Bull, and its YouTube channel is composed almost entirely of sponsored videos of extreme sports, with almost no commercial-like content. Not surprisingly, subscriber numbers are widely considered to be one of the least important YouTube metrics for brands.

3. Forty percent of YouTube traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Given the growing popularity of mobile devices and tablets, this number will only grow in coming years. Keep this in mind as you create video content, as your audience will increasingly experience your message on pocket-sized devices where subtle visual details can easily be lost. Smartphone users alone currently account for 27 percent of all U.S. YouTube mobile views.

4. Roughly 80 percent of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the U.S. 

This makes YouTube a fantastic resource for international marketing campaigns, expanding reach into new markets at zero cost. On the other hand, viewership data from outside of your market should be excluded from your primary reports to avoid confusion with relevant trends.

5. YouTube has roughly a 21% share of the U.S. video ad market. 

U.S advertisers spent an estimated $1.2 billion on YouTube ads in 2014, completely dominating competitors in the $5 billion-plus industry. With rivals like Hulu, Twitter, Pandora and Amazon still struggling to keep up, YouTube remains the best place for online ads to be seen.

6. How much is a YouTube referral worth?

$37.63. According to a study by Shopify, YouTube-based marketing also had a respectable 1.16% conversion rate.

7. Product reviews and demonstrations perform very well on YouTube. 

According to Shopify’s study, digital products retailers found that 47% of their secondary channel orders originated from YouTube views. Other industries with strong YouTube performance include automotive (26%), services (36%) and merchandise (29%).

To make sense of your YouTube channel’s performance, you’ll need to place it in a greater context. One great way to do that is to incorporate your YouTube stats into a powerful social media dashboard.

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