Dos and Don’ts of Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

Instagram Followers and Likes,

Social media is a popular and robust platform that allows you to connect with people and customers across the globe. It also gives you a chance to influence their purchase behavior and create a strong brand presence in the market. But all the social media platforms create a highly competitive space, and it isn’t that easy to attract a huge set of audience. 

Many business owners and brands try to take shortcuts on the popular social media platform like Instagram to accentuate their sales. They opt for buying Instagram followers and likes, which is a great alternative to building an audience from scratch. These methods work in improving the Instagram account’s visibility as there are over billions of active users on it and taking the long route becomes difficult for them.

But when you consider buying these metrics, you need to follow certain things to be on the safer side. In this article, we have mentioned the dos and don’ts of buying Instagram followers and likes, which will help you make a suitable decision. They will also help you avoid any negative outcomes of such an action on your account.

Dos of Buying Instagram Followers and Likes:

Buy old accounts with decent follower count – 

If you wish to Buy Instagram followers and boost your account, then you can do it easily by purchasing these metrics from the reputed sites. But additionally, you can also buy an old account with a decent followers count and rebrand it with your business needs. It is apparent that you might lose some of the existing followers due to the change, but you will at least be able to retain most of them if you have the right content strategy.

This is considered as an alternative to buying Instagram followers for brands that need real user accounts and engagement rather than spam accounts and bots. Moreover, it is a legitimate marketing strategy followed by many Instagram accounts. But it requires some serious effort and investment from your side. Besides, most of the Instagram users won’t be ready to sell their successful accounts with huge follower’s count unless they want to leave the platform.

Search for sellers that offer real accounts –

Instagram Followers and Likes,

Many websites and Instagram pages offer you real user accounts, but they are a little more expensive than purchasing bot or fake accounts. And as a part of their social media plan, all the users are active Instagram users which help to boost your visibility in the app. Many of these users will interact with your content, and further share it with their followers. 

Although the cost of services might be high, it will help you gain more followers in the future due to the engagement from active followers. Most importantly, such accounts are operated by a marketing company, so there are better chances of engagement. Thus, you need to search for sellers offering real accounts as they can become a good starting point to building a strong audience base.

Focus on engagement rate over follower count:

It is always better to have a few real followers than thousands of fake ones. That is because the real followers will engage with your content by liking it, commenting on it, and sharing it with their followers. This affects your engagement rate and shows the real value of any account. Moreover, it helps you establish an excellent brand presence on Instagram. If you want to know your engagement rate, then it is the sum of your likes and comments divided by the number of your followers multiplied by 100.

For instance, if you have 100 likes and 10 comments on a single post after 24 hours of posting it and 1000 followers on your accounts, then your engagement rate is 11. Thus, focusing on your engagement rate will help you find the true potential of your Instagram account and improve it over time. Remember that Instagram is a popular visual platform, so you need to have a good content strategy. Also, you need to post regularly and be consistent in offering value to your followers. If you want to give an instant boost to your account, then you can Buy Instagram likes and then focus on organic growth.

Don’ts of Buying Instagram Followers and Likes:

Don’t hold onto fake followers – 

Instagram Followers and Likes,

It is better to remove fake followers from your Instagram account after you reach your goal. For instance, if you created a content strategy, succeeded at it and got 10K real followers from it, then you can remove the thousand fake followers you purchased for your profile. That is because the organically generated 10k followers would engage with your content and help you reach a wider audience.

Besides, you can rely on them to get you a new set of followers and gain better exposure. At the same time, holding onto the fake followers may put your reputation at risk and cause you to lose the real followers down the line.

Don’t opt for cheap Instagram followers and likes plans –

Many sites offer you a thousand of followers for just a couple of dollars. Such schemes look shady and don’t offer you much value. You might see an instant boost in your followers or likes, but most accounts are bots, temporary, and spam. They only inflate your metrics without providing any real engagement or interaction. Hence, it is better to opt for a reasonable or affordable offer than the cheap one. 

So is it good to buy Instagram followers and likes?

Instagram Followers and Likes,,

You will find different opinions on this question because there are both the good and bad sides of buying these metrics. But if you are buying and maintaining them in the right way, there’s no harm to your account. You can consider buying the followers and likes from reputed sites that have proven results.


If you have the right content strategy and a desire to grow instantly on Instagram, then buying the followers and likes for an instant boost can be good for you. But make sure to follow these dos and don’ts to avoid any issues.

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